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Everything we know so far about the MAFS reunion

Lauren is "blindsided" by Jono and Ellie.
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Now that the final vows are officially over, Married At First Sight viewers are already eagerly awaiting the reunion special.

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While five couples made it to the final vows, only four committed to one another (more on that here). But.. now what?

Well, four weeks after the experiment ends, the brides and grooms from that season return for the traditional reunion dinner party. And, as you may have guessed, chaos often ensues. 

In the teaser for the 2024 MAFS reunion, we have already received a glimpse of impending drama. Not only does Jonathan debut his relationship with Ellie, leaving Lauren “blindsided”, he also doesn’t shy away from conflict at the table.

Jono debuts his relationship with Ellie during the reunion. (Credit: Nine)

The preview shows a heated Jono accusing Sara of being the sole cheater in the experiment, before causing a rift between herself and her groom Tim who end up in a screaming match outside.

Bride Cass, who split from her groom Tristan, can also be seen telling an unknown contestant that she is “the weakest woman” she has ever met. Yeah, so it certainly seems like a generous dose of drama. 

Viewers will also get to see which of the successful couples stayed together until the reunion. More on that here.

Lauren is apparently “blindsided” by Jono and Ellie at the reunion. (Credit: Nine)

When is the MAFS reunion?

The 2024 Married At First Sight reunion will air on Sunday April 7th.

Which MAFS couples are still together?

While we won’t know for sure which MAFS couples are still together until the reunion, we have been privy to some hints about the fates of the relationships.

Here’s what we know so far about:

Tori and Jack

Eden and Jayden

Jonathan and Lauren Ellie

Jade and Ridge 

Sara and Tim

Sara and Tim appear to end up in a screaming match during the reunion. (Credit: Nine)

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