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Intruders to shake up MAFS!

The experiment is about to heat up.
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Married At First Sight 2024 has kicked off and we already have a secret girlfriend scandal and couple swap in the works. Now, things are about to shake up even more with further as five intruders join the experiment.

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Keep scrolling to get to know the MAFS intruders and how they might wreak havoc with the established dynamic.


The intruders

Jade (Credit: Nine)


Age: 26

From: Queensland

Occupation: Executive Assistant

As a single mother of an eight-year-old daughter, Jade is cautious of who she allows into her orbit. Being cheated on in the past means that the 26-year-old’s walls are up. But once there is a chink in the exterior, Jade falls hard and fast.

A romantic at heart, the executive assistant is looking for an earth-shattering love that you see in movies. She wants an honest man that can keep up with her wild and playful personality. And she is not ready to ruffle some feathers along the way.

You can follow Jade on Instagram, here.

Madeline (Credit: Nine)


Age: 30

From: Victoria

Occupation: Psychic Medium

Energetic, charismatic and intense, Madeline left a nine-year-relationship after realising she needed a man, not a boy. Initially pursuing an acting career, the 30-year-old switched careers after a life altering ayahuasca experience (a South American psychoactive brew). She is now a medium – a profession which has kept her isolated and single.

Describing herself as empathetic to a fault, Madeline is fiercely loving and generous with her time and energy. She is looking for a like-minded person who is loyal and will accept her for who is.

You can follow Madeline on Instagram, here.

Ash (Credit: Nine)


Age: 33

From: Victoria

Occupation: Sales Manager

Don’t be fooled by his tattoos, Ash is sensitive, caring, and nurturing. Spending a lot of time caring for his younger brothers and is now ready to start a family of his own. 

The sales manager has not been in love for eight years, but he doesn’t do relationships by halves – once even moving to Norway for a woman. With old-school morals, Ash is seeking an authentic partner who won’t walk all over him, and for a relationship that will last past the love-bomb phase.

You can follow Ash on Instagram, here.

Stephen (Credit: Nine)


Age: 26

From: Western Australia

Occupation: Hairdresser

An empathetic deep thinker, Stephen is opinionated and wants a partner who likes to be challenged. With an Italian background, the groom is one of eight children and an identical twin, deeming himself a “golden child”.

Stephen values his relationships with his mum and stepdad, and is after a man who is also family-oriented. Finding a love that is serious and monogamous has proven difficult in Perth’s small dating pool. The hairdresser was left heartbroken four years ago after being cheated on. Now, he ready to let his guard down and find love once more.

You can follow Stephen on Instagram, here.

Ridge (Credit: Nine)


Age: 27

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse

As a two-time Commonwealth Games weightlifter, Ridge juggles his intense fitness regime with his day job as a psychiatric nurse. With his career and training taking top priority, the 27-year-old hasn’t felt the need to settle down or commit until now.

By joining MAFS, Ridge is ready to retire his playboy persona and let the experts choose someone he may not have chosen for himself. With strong morals and loyalty, the groom can also be loud, vain and cocky with a collection of “situation-ships” in his past. Will his MAFS relationship last? We’ll have to wait and see.

You can follow Ridge on Instagram, here.

The originals

Andrea (Credit: Nine)


Age: 51

From: Queensland

Occupation: Photographer

Andrea is a 51-year-old single mum to two adult children. Andrea is young-at-heart in nature and feels as though a number does not define you! Andrea has revealed that the reason her last relationship ended was because she was being gaslit (a term she learnt while watching MAFS!). Watching the show is what inspired her to break up with her previous partner and set out to find real love, but unfortunately, she hasn’t had any luck as of yet… 

Andrea is giving, respectful and kind (though she digresses she can be forgetful and accident-prone). She has a “To Do” list tattooed on her arm for this reason! 

You can follow Andrea on Instagram, here.

Cassandra (Credit: Nine)


Age: 29

From: Queensland

Occupation: Administration Officer

Cassandra is described as outgoing, bubbly and social… a laughing ray of sunshine! Cassandra suffered from the devasting loss of her first love and has since found it difficult to find a meaningful connection with anyone. She wants a “small football team” of kids and therefore needs a man who is as loving and family-oriented as she is.

You can follow Cassandra on Instagram, here.

Eden (Credit: Nine)


Age: 28

From: Queensland

Occupation: Recruitment Manager

Eden has been single for three years… her last relationship ended because her partner cheated on her with her best friend. Because of this experience, Eden finds herself with serious trust issues. With her family residing in Adelaide, Eden relies mostly on her best friend, her dog Cub, for company.

She is incredibly independent and has worked hard to build a life for herself. Eden is a self-confessed daddy’s girl and a perfectionist through and through! Following the betrayal from her last relationship, she is prepared to put her trust in the experts and find the love of her life.

You can follow Eden on Instagram, here.

Ellie (Credit: Nine)


Age: 32

From: Queensland

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Ellie suffered heartbreak after her ex-fiance cheated on her several years ago… her wedding was cancelled just one month before the big day. She now finds herself in need of constant reassurance and has developed the tendency to give her all to people, even when they don’t deserve it.

Ellie has two sisters and is very close with her family. She soon hopes to form a healthy relationship and become a mum, starting a family of her own. She is looking for someone special… someone she can share her life and desires with. Despite her luck in love, Ellie is hopeful she will meet her match.

You can follow Ellie on Instagram, here.

Lauren (Credit: Nine)


Age: 32

From: Western Australia

Occupation: PR & Marketing Consultant

Being married for 40 years, Lauren’s parents have set a high standard for what a successful relationship should look like. Her previous relationship ended just six months ago… she is now freshly single and looking for someone who can match her personality!

She attracts attention wherever she goes due to her striking looks, strong opinions and dry and cutting sense of humour. She seems like the complete package! Lauren has digressed that she can be “a little bit crazy” when it comes to relationships in the sense that she never ceases to speak her mind and equates arguing to passion. Nonetheless, Lauren is looking for her match and though her typical type is tall, dark and handsome, she just needs someone who is calm and level-headed who can balance her out. 

You can follow Lauren on Instagram, here.

Lucinda (Credit: Nine)


Age: 43

From: New South Wales

Occupation: MC & Wedding Celebrant

Working as a wedding celebrant and MC while also running a speed-dating company, Lucinda is constantly surrounded by love… However, she now feels that it is her turn. Lucinda is over heartbreak and is ready to meet her life-long partner, someone who is open-minded, vulnerable and adventurous who she can learn and grow with as they share their life together.

Lucinda is a free spirit and describes herself as a steward of love and light. She is fun, easygoing, sensual and creative, looking to squeeze all she can out of life. From celebrating the little things, travelling as much as she can and loving everyone she meets along the way, Lucinda is looking to find someone who is willing to discover his full potential alongside her. 

You can find Lucinda on Instagram, here.

Natalie (Credit: Nine)


Age: 32

From: Victoria

Occupation: Physiotherapist

Natalie is a family-oriented woman who goes out of her way to maintain relationships with her loved ones. She is loyal, open-minded, encouraging, nurturing and LOVES being in love. 

Natalie is nerdy and proud! She loves gaming and has dabbled in cosplay… she has a collection of memorabilia dedicated to her Samoyed dog, MieMie. Natalie is ready to go all in and determined to find her match and pursue a long, lasting love. 

You can find Natalie on Instagram, here.

Sara (Credit: Nine)


Age: 29

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Nutritionist

Sara was born and raised in Columbia before moving to Canada at a young age, however, she has resided in Australia for eight years now. Sara has a fiery nature and is an open communicator which she feels as though often comes off too strong and can find herself unintentionally offending people with her honesty.

Sara is a strong, independent woman with strong ideals for her future which often makes it very easy for her to dismiss her partners… She is ready to find a man who can put her in her place and match her energy and hopes the experiment will find her the one.

You can follow Sara on Instagram, here.

Tori (Credit: Nine)


Age: 27

From: Victoria

Occupation: Business Development Manager

Tori is fiercely independent and though she doesn’t NEED a man, she is willing to make room for the right one. She is a self-proclaimed “bulldog” who doesn’t “do compromise”… she is aware of her shortcomings in that she describes herself to be high maintenance and a stickler for control and she has found that her pickiness has made it difficult for her to find love.

Tori needs a man who is not intimidated by a strong woman, is masculine, fit, career-driven, tidy, emotionally intelligent… the list goes on! All she really wants is someone who matches her energy and desires and someone who she doesn’t have to carry through life.

You can follow Tori on Instagram, here.

Ben (Credit: Nine)


Age: 39

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Tour Guide

Ben is a man who finds dating “exhausting” and finds it easy to walk away from relationships when they get difficult. His last relationship ended in 2019 and is extremely picky when it comes to finding a partner. He gets bored easily and hates “vanilla” however he does admit that he can often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to women.

Ben is a tour guide, however when COVID struck he found himself between professions… he is currently working part-time in the construction industry. He is a man who craves adventure and excitement and needs to be stimulated in his relationships. Though Ben also has a fear of settling down, he is determined to change and find the love of his life.

You can follow Ben on Instagram, here.

Collins (Credit: Nine)


Age: 28

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Executive Assistant

When it comes to love and relationships, Collins has zero experience. Though having his heart broken by unrequited love on one occasion, Collins has never had a girlfriend and finds himself repeatedly put in the friend zone. 

Collins is quirky and chatty and though he can be a little bit awkward, he loves to put a smile on people’s faces and make them laugh. He is genuine, kind, respectful and ambitious and has a whole lot of love to give. Collins is on the hunt to find that initial spark and meet his match on MAFS.

You can follow Collins on Instagram, here.

Jack (Credit: Nine)


Age: 34

From: Queensland

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Jack describes himself as an alpha male and needs a partner who is respectfully submissive to his dominance… he has a very structured and controlled lifestyle and has high expectations when it comes to women. She needs to be fit, glamorous, tanned, have a nice smile and ideally be a brunette.

Jack is fit, charming and vain and he needs someone who will have the patience to understand him. He’s overly affectionate and tends to put his women on a pedestal… he hopes the experts will help him find someone who can exercise unconditional love for who he truly is. 

You can follow Jack on Instagram, here.

Jayden (Credit: Nine)


Age: 26

From: Queensland

Occupation: Professional Kickboxer

Jayden is a busy, busy man who prioritises his work… kickboxer by day and security guard by night, he finds himself with very little time for love. He often hides his emotions, shows no pain and keeps people at arm’s length. Though Jayden does get a lot of attention from women, it’s never the right kind of attention.

Jayden is the younger brother to Mitch Eynaud from MAFS season 9, however, he insists that he and his brother are nothing alike. He is obsessive, disciplined and focused and though often labelled a “bad F boy”, says there is more to him them people see initially. Jayden is looking for a partner who is ambitious, fit, independent and up for breaking his walls down.

You can follow Jayden on Instagram, here.

Jonathan (Credit: Nine)


Age: 39

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Health Business Owner

Jonathan is a man who is unlucky in love… at almost 40, he blames being single on the amazing women he should’ve married in his 20s as well as the poor choices he made in his 30s. Jono is an avid traveller; he recently packed up his entire life and travelled the world for 15 months, visiting more than 50 countries. He is an adventurer and risk-taker at heart.

Jonathan has had many professions over his life, from serving as an infantry soldier to becoming a concreter and financial adviser, however, following the breakdown of his previous relationship, he gave it all up (along with his business of 15 years) to travel. He wants to become a father and is ready to get serious and find someone who is just as motivated as he is.

You can follow Jonathan on Instagram, here.

Michael (Credit: Nine)


Age: 34

From: Victoria

Occupation: Salesperson

Michael struggles with letting his walls down in relationships due to his significant fear of being hurt. He has now been single for five years and is sick of the dating scene. He is handsome, extroverted and sassy… he is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs and will do anything for his loved ones.

Michael wants someone who is tall, dark and handsome and who can match his confidence and who has strong family values just like him. He hopes to raise a family of his own and is ready to settle down.

You can follow Michael on Instagram, here

Richard (Credit: Nine)


Age: 62

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Motivational Speaker

Richard left his wife of 27 years because he felt as though the relationship had run its course and lost the spark. He recently dated a woman 27 years younger than him, however, the relationship ended as she wanted children. Richard already has three children of his own and has no interest in having more.

He is charismatic and self-assured but is struggling to sell himself on dating apps at his age. He is looking for someone his own age who has a zest for life and who he has undeniable chemistry with. 

You can follow Richard on Instagram, here

Simon (Credit: Nine)


Age: 39

From: South Australia

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Simon is a divorced man however he has a great relationship with his ex-wife who he continues to co-parent with. Since their split, he has been in a same-sex “situationship” for seven years, however, it never eventuated into anything. 

Simon often finds himself feeling lonely and he craves a committed relationship just like his marriage, but this time with a man. He is ready for love! He has tried dating apps but doesn’t feel comfortable with them and thinks MAFS will be able to help him find his person.

Simon is currently not on Instagram.

Tim (Credit: Nine)


Age: 31

From: Queensland

Occupation: Online Business Owner

Tim and his previous girlfriend split up after he found out she had cheated on him… still not fully recovered from this heartbreak, Tim tends to keep his walls up. He grew up in Darwin but has lived in Columbia, Melbourne, Thailand and Bali before settling on the Gold Coast. 

Tim has a love for ice baths, the beach and surfing and is friendly, laidback and easy to get along with! He has big financial goals, owning a handful of online businesses. He also hopes to help build a school in Ethiopia where his sister was adopted from. Tim is ready to open himself up to someone and is hopeful about the possibilities of the MAFS experiment.

You can follow Tim on Instagram, here

Timothy (Credit: Nine)


Age: 51

From: Victoria

Occupation: Business Owner

Following the recent death of his father, Timothy has become aware of his loneliness and craves the emotional connection of a partner. His previous relationship ended six years ago and he has forgotten what that spark feels like.

Timothy is social and outgoing… he lives every day to the fullest, however, he does not let people in easily. He is ready to find love, take care of someone and have someone take care of him!

You can follow Timothy on Instagram, here

Tristan (Credit: Nine)


Age: 30

From: New South Wales

Occupation: Entertainment Manager

Tristan’s last relationship had a bad ending which has made him very nervous to date again. He is confident, funny and adventurous however he constantly finds himself in the friend zone. 

Tristan was raised by a single mum who worked extremely hard to support their family. Tristan refers to her as his “hero, queen, and biggest supporter.” He too is accomplished and passionate in his career, but when it comes to love, he doesn’t know whether he is self-sabotaging or just picking the wrong women. He is now ready to put his faith in the MAFS experts to help him find someone just as caring and loving as him!

You can follow Tristan on Instagram, here.

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