MAFS’ Ridge takes on dad duties with Jade’s daughter Victoria

Love at first sight truly does exist.
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For the lucky few, love at first sight truly does exist. Case in point – MAFS couple Jade and Ridge, who fell for each other hook, line and sinker the moment they met at the altar. And yes, they are still together.

Since their time on MAFS, Jade and Ridge become even stronger! The two not only appear to be spending every waking moment together, but they have also been spending time with each other’s families.

Recently, Ridge shared an update on her relationship with Jade’s daughter, whom he picked up after her dance lesson – proving he’s all across dad duties.

“Went on MAFS for a laugh, now I’m picking up her daughter from dance,” Ridge wrote Instagram along with a video of Victoria hopping in the passenger seat.

Jade and Ridge’s first family holiday. (Credit: Instagram)

This comes a month after Jade and Ridge embarked on their “first fam holiday.”

All signs point to a strong future for these two lovebirds – however, it’s safe to say these two have always been very sure about each other, even before the show finished filming. 

Keep scrolling to read our exclusive interview with Jade and Ridge as we sat down with them near the tail end of the experiment…

(Credit: Yianni Asparadakis)

“The experiment turned out to be a lot better than I expected,” mum-of-one Jade, 26, told us. “I had never watched the show. I googled the success rates the night before I flew out and they weren’t great, so I was very nervous.”

Smitten Ridge, 27, added he definitely “got lucky” being matched with Jade. “I didn’t think an experiment like this could work, but I ended up falling in love. It was a happy accident.”

As well as building his relationship with Jade, Ridge has been busy establishing a bond with her eight-year-old daughter Victoria, lovingly known as ‘Vee’. Jade admitted it’s been a “big relief” seeing the two getting on so well. 

“I feel like it’s such a huge ask for someone who doesn’t have kids to take on a partner and another child, so I did really appreciate that,” she shared. “It’s always a really tough situation. 

“A lot of people may say yes in the moment and say that’s fine, but then once they meet [the] child, they might feel differently towards the situation.” 

Any fears Jade may have had disappeared when she saw Ridge and Vee together. For his part, Ridge said “I never thought I’d be able to love someone’s child like my own. But meeting Vee, that’s changed. I love Vee. I see her as my own even though I know she’s not, which is a shock to me. I never thought I’d get to that stage.”

(Credit: Yianni Asparadakis)

As they reminisced about their MAFS journey at that time, Jade said she and Ridge “share the same love languages” which makes it “really easy” for them to get along. Subsequently, they don’t feel like they have to “force anything”.

Jade maintained they also work because they are best friends as well as lovers. 

“I think Ridge has a lot of great qualities that you would want in a partner,” she said. Ridge had high praise for Jade too. 

“My favourite thing about Jade is how strong she is. It’s one of the sexiest things about her,” he said. “She’s been through a lot and I admire every fibre of her being.”

Our chat naturally turned to babies, and Jade and Ridge confessed giving Vee a few siblings is something they hope for in the future – specifically “boy and girl twins”. 

(Credit: Yianni Asparadakis)

“I’d also like to do a little bit of travel together and I’ll definitely be waiting for another ring before we have any kiddies,” Jade revealed. “The show doesn’t count. I’d like a proper engagement, instead of me just being handed to him!” 

“I don’t do anything half-arsed,” Ridge interjected. “When I’m in it I’m really in it. This is the first time I’ve been in love, so I don’t plan on us going anywhere but forward together. 

“More kids and then we can live happily ever after with Vee and our three dogs Rufus, Fendi and Evie!”

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