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Is there trouble in parade for MAFS’ Cassandra and Tristan?

It remains to be seen if their relationship will go the distance.

Married At First Sight Australia welcomes “one of the most optimistic and resilient brides ever to enter the experiment” this season.

Cassandra, 29, an Administration Officer from Queensland is coupled up with Tristan, 30, an Event Manager from New South Wales. From their warm-hearted nature to their strong family values, these two seem like a match made in heaven!

Cassandra has suffered a lot of tragedy in her life, from losing her high school sweetheart in a motorbike accident to losing her mother to cancer. However, Cassandra is ready to open herself up to someone and receive the love she deserves.

“My perfect man is a family man… I would love kids, I wanna make half of me and half you,” she said. 

Tristan finds himself unlucky in love and believes people go for his friends over him, which could be rooted in his insecurities from childhood.

“I used to be a really overweight kid when I was a lot younger, and that never really leaves you,” he shared with the MAFS experts.

Their vows leave them walking in their future together with high hopes. (Credit: Nine)

The wedding ceremony went perfectly. From the get-go, Tristan and Cassandra found themselves enthralled by each other. 

“He’s got these lovely eyes and such a fun smile… I am drawn to him because he is so warm-hearted, so funny, and that’s a good feeling,” Cassandra said.

“She’s funny, she’s pretty, she’s lovely, her family seems lovely… I’m really happy,” Tristan said. 

Later, in an exclusive interview with New Idea Cassandra said, “I should thank my lucky stars I have Tristan!”

“I could’ve been paired with the craziest man in the universe… I could’ve got… Jack! And here I am with Tristan who is so lovely and so welcoming and he was everything I wanted.”

Tristan already has the tick of approval from Cassandra’s dad. (Credit: Nine)

“He’s a great listener he always put me first, from the moment we were standing at the wedding, putting our rings on, he put me ahead of everything, himself even at times,” Cassandra added.

“He is so giving, so patient.”

At the reception, Tristan proved to make a very positive impression on Cassandra’s family.

“I am so impressed with Tristan. He is bold, courageous, and funny and I adore that. I already adore him,” Cassandra said. 

The event was full of happiness and laughter with Cassandra’s dad lighting up the room with his hilarious yet heart-warming speech, already making the judgment that his daughter will “be in good hands” with Tristan. 

“Moddy is the definition of what I would want in a father-in-law,” Tristan said. 

The look of love… (Credit: Nine)

For their honeymoon, Cassandra and Tristan headed to the McLaren Vale region in South Australia and Tristan surprised Cassandra with flowers and her favourite biscuits as a gift for her 30th birthday. 

“He is amazing, he’s very good husband material,” Cassandra says. 

Cassandra and Tristan’s relationship appears to be heading in a very good direction and we can see the happy couple making it far in the experiment…

Cassandra and Tristan shared their first kiss after Tristan’s honest confession. (Credit: Nine)

During confessions week, Cassandra and Tristan were given the Letter Task where he revealed he struggled with weight issues when he was younger. 

Tristan opened up about his insecurities as a result of this and shared that “this is why [he] hasn’t tried to kiss [Cassandra].”

After Cassandra reassured him of her feelings towards him, the two went for a walk where Tristan made the first move and kissed Cassandra!

Their relationship continued in a good direction resulting in them both choosing to stay in the first commitment ceremony. 

However, while talking to the experts, Tristan openly announced that he “hates himself”… Cassandra shared that his self-doubt makes her feel like she’s “annoying him sometimes” and makes her “want to withdraw.”

Their intimacy issues have reached fever pitch. (Credit: Nine)

Things continued to take a turn for the worse as Cassandra continued to feel deflated about the lack of kisses, cuddles, and general affection being shown to her by her husband.

So much so that Tristan even slept on the couch after their second commitment ceremony, despite the pair reaffirming their commitment to one another!

Shortly after, at intruders Madeleine and Ash’s wedding, Cassandra continued her attempts to bring some spark to her marriage, but Tristan was frosty, with a heartbroken Cassandra running to the bathroom in tears after an argument ensues.

Only time will tell if they will be able to rekindle their relationship!

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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