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What is going on between MAFS’ Ash and Natalie?

Fans speculate these two could be an item.
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From fan favourite couple Evelyn and Duncan to this season’s Ellie Dix and Jonothan McCulloughMarried At First Sight Australia has proven more than once, that the participants can in fact find love, and it doesn’t have to be with the partner they were originally matched with…

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It has now been rumoured that this season’s Natalie Parham, who was matched with Collins Christian, and Ash Galati, who was matched with controversial bride Madeleine Jevic, have started their own romance outside of the experiment. 

The two were photographed together looking very close at the Melbourne Fashion Festival in February 2024. The photos were shared by Daily Mail and showed Natalie sitting on Ash’s lap. 

Could these two really be dating?

(Credit: New Idea)

Since speculation has arisen, Ash has recently responded to the rumours, stating that he and Natalie are just friends…

“Nat is a very, very beautiful person. I wish her all the best in life, but we’re just friends,” he shared while appearing on Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast. 

“But yeah, I hope she finds love and she absolutely deserves it,” he added.

The two allegedly met at the reunion and bonded over their turbulent MAFS experience. 

(Credit: Nine)

Both Natalie and Collins and intruders Ash and Madeleine didn’t make it past the first commitment ceremony.

Ultimately it was Collin’s lack of affection and “manufactured” feelings towards Natalie that led to her making the decision to leave. 

While for Ash, their entire time in the experiment was tumultuous… Ash couldn’t handle the fact that Madeleine was a psychic medium however, he was willing to try and make it work and wrote stay at the first commitment ceremony. It was Madeleine who decided to leave, leaving Ash blindsided.

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