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The hidden detail that MAFS’ Madeleine and Ash have broken up

Did the psychic medium predict this?
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It was an interesting start for Married At First Sight intruder couple, Madeleine Maxwell, 30, and Ash Galati, 33. But have they manage to make it work outside of the MAFS experiment?

WATCH: MAFS’ Madeleine makes enthusiastic wedding speech

While there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the pair do or don’t stay together post MAFS, there is a hint that points towards the latter outcome. Currently, the pair do not follow each other on Instagram.

In relation to MAFS, Ash only follows the show’s official account, brides Tori and Jade, and grooms Stephen, Michael, Jack, Ben and Ridge. Madeleine, meanwhile, only follows two accounts at all – the official MAFS account, and, randomly, the musician Flume. 

This hidden detail does not confirm that the relationship hasn’t lasted, but considering other MAFS couples still follow each other – it does suggest that Madeleine and Ash didn’t find their happy ever after together. 


It was an interesting start for Madeleine and Ash. (Credit: Nine)

At first, there seemed to be hope for Madeleine and Ash. As the bride walked down the aisle, the 33-year-old was “blown away” by her beauty, claiming she was everything he had wished for.

Madeleine, meanwhile, had some reservations about her groom after receiving a “psychic download” about their marriage, refusing to smile for the cameras during their wedding portraits.

“I got a download about where it was going,” Madeleine told producers, but refused to expand further.

Madeleine was once an actor, who you may recognise from a stint on Home & Away, before an experience with the brew ‘ayahuasca’ changed her life, allowing her to connect with the spiritual world.

Madeleine claims she can connect with the spiritual world. (Credit: Nine)

This profession can prove isolating, according to the 30-year-old. She came onto MAFS hoping to find someone who will accept her exactly as she is. 

Having not been in a relationship for eight years, Ash also entered the experiment ready to settle down. With old school morals, the sales manager is after someone loyal and accepting. 

Unfortunately, Madeleine and Ash’s nuptials remained rocky until the 33-year-old revealed he saw a ghost on the night before the wedding.

“The house is probably haunted, he told a visibly excited Madeleine.

Will Madeleine and Ash make it work off screen? (Credit: Nine)

“That’s pretty vulnerable for a man to be able to share an experience like that,” the medium told the cameras. “I love that he was open to psychic stuff. The energy shifted really fast, and now I know that he is someone who is open.”

But despite this seed of connection, it seems doubtful that it will sprout into something solid as Ash was soon confused by Madeleine’s psychic abilities.

“It’s definitely going to be a rollercoaster,” he said.

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