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MAFS actor Madeleine’s new gig

She's leveraging the backlash.
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All too often, Married At First Sight contenders are accused of being actors – but in the case of intruder bride Madeleine Jevic, she really is an actor! But now she might have another gig up her sleeve.

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The Victorian bride, 30, was a regular on Home and Away, playing nurse Amber Simmons in the Aussie drama from 2020 until 2021. That was until a strong calling to be a psychic medium saw her change career paths.

While viewers have been off put by her quirky antics, Madeleine doesn’t care about the backlash. In fact, one MAFS source thinks she could be using her current exposure as leverage to land an exclusive modelling campaign – with PETA of all people!


Maddy was cast on Home and Away in 2020. (Credit: Seven)

Madeleine has turned into something of an animal rights activist, after breaking down in tears in front of a herd of cows on her honeymoon. She expressed her guilt at having eaten beef the night before.

“Seeing the cows is like seeing my dog, and I wouldn’t eat him,” she wailed. “I won’t dare eat these beautiful creatures again!”

Prior to turning to reality TV, the 30-year-old appeared on Home and Away 55 times. Her character Amber, was the home carer of John Palmer, sister of Jai and ex-girlfriend of Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O’Connor), and also the mother of Dean’s son, Jai Simmons.

“I love acting and it’s always made me happy,” she tells New Idea. “When I was on Home and Away, it was a dream job. That show changed my life.”

She also appeared on Wentworth for 22 episodes from 2016 until 2018 where she played Nurse Lee Radcliffe; and on Upper Middle Bogan for 24 episodes from 2013 to 2016 where she played Brianna Wheeler; as well as Danger 5 and Anzac Girls.

Madeleine’s psychic abilities have confused her fellow contestants. (Credit: Nine)

Her career did a 180 after she discovered her psychic abilities. So far on the show, MAFS viewers have seen Maddie apparently conversing with the dead and confusing her groom, Ash, and the other cast members with her various personalities. 

Fans have been quick to question her kooky behaviour and random “psychic downloads”.

“The psychic stuff is too much – to the point I am not watching again,” sniped one viewer. “It’s beyond obvious that’s she’s acting – it’s cringe,” chimed in another.

“I realise MAFS sets the bar low, but this is actually insulting to everyone involved. But hey, any publicity is good publicity.”

The bride has been single for some time following the end of a nine-year relationship. (Credit: Nine)

But Madeline attests: “This is who I really am,” adding that she realised she had gifts as a psychic when her grandfather passed away during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That’s when my mediumship came in more strongly,” she explains.

The bride has been single for some time, following the end of a nine-year relationship, which led to her applying to be on MAFS.

But it doesn’t seem as though Madeleine and her groom Ash have gone the distance. More on that here.

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