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MAFS’ Tori defends Jack after offensive “muzzle” comment

"It is my role to support him."
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Married At First Sight’s Tori Adams has finally responded to her husband Jack Duckley’s controversial comment during Wednesday night’s dinner party.

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When Jack told Jonathan McCullough to “muzzle” his bride Lauren Dunn, the table was collectively shocked.

Jack’s bride, Tori, stayed mostly silent during the storm that followed. Now, the 27-year-old has addressed the offensive comment.

Tori has shared her thoughts on Jack’s offensive comments. (Credit: Nine)

Taking to her Instagram account, Tori shared a photo of her husband, defending his actions.

“2 things,” she began the post.

“1. I am Jacks wife. Not his mother… it’s not my role to discipline him for his behaviour. It is my role to support him and stand by him whilst making it very known that I don’t agree with some of his actions and choice of words.

“2. I won’t be held responsible for someone else being offended on my behalf for a joke that was not intended for their ears… That’s all 💁🏼‍♀️.”

Jack also subtly responded to the drama. (Credit: Nine)

Jack also responded to the backlash, albeit in a more subtle way, penning on his Instagram: “Tori: “Babeee, from now on if you need a gym buddy to spot you, you ask me!” 💁🏼‍♀️.”

The fiery fight broke out during Wednesday night’s dinner party after Lauren repeated a “joke” that Jack, 34, shared with Jono at the gym.

According to Lauren’s groom, Jack claimed if he hadn’t slept with his bride Tori Adams by the couple swap, he hoped one of the other grooms would.

While the 34-year-old confirmed he made the comment, he deemed it “banter” that he would say to Tori’s face.

His bride backed him up, insisting she loves “dark humour”. 

Lauren called Jack out during Wednesday’s dinner party. (Credit: Nine)

“She is blindly backing him,” an exasperated Lauren, 32, told the cameras. “At the end of the day, he’s disrespecting you; he lied about his attraction to you. To me, that is unacceptable, and Tori deserves better than that.”

Lauren was not quick to back down during the row. “Telling the boys that you’re not attracted to (Tori) and that’s why you’re not sleeping with her is not banter to me,” she said to Jack.

The personal trainer then jumped on the defensive, insisting: “I haven’t once said that I’m not attracted to Tori.”

When Lauren countered that he said it to Jono, Jack turned his attack to the groom. 

Jack told Jono to “muzzle (his) woman”. (Credit: Nine)

“We talk about everyone’s relationships,” Jack snapped. “I would never go home and say something to my wife that I don’t need to say.”

As Lauren jumped to her husband’s defence, Jack turned nuclear, saying: “I’m not talking to you Lauren; shut your mouth.” Then to Jono: “Can you muzzle your woman?”

The disgust was instantaneous from the brides, grooms, and experts, with John Aiken calling the comment “outrageously disrespectful”.

Jono, 39, added: “Don’t talk to her like that,” before Jack replied “She needs it”. But Jono’s loyalty to Lauren ended there, as Jack gave him a final chance to tell the group he never said he wasn’t attracted to Tori.

The 39-year-old acquiesced to the alpha, saying: “You’ve always said that you find her really attractive, yes, yep.”

Jono didn’t back Lauren up as much as she would have liked. (Credit: Nine)

Later, however, Jono privately confirmed Lauren’s side of the story, but wasn’t happy that she repeated information he told her in confidence.

“Your alliance is with me,” Lauren countered. “He’s not gonna s**k your d**k at the end of the night.”

Fans were quick to react to the entire exchange online, with one viewer writing on social media: “Johnno if you don’t know who to support after your “mate” just told your wife to be “muzzled” you’re just as bad as him.”

Despite the drama, Tori’s affection for Jack has apparently extended past the show, with evidence that the pair are still together.

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