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All the I’m A Celeb 2024 clues: Who is entering the jungle?

An international stage sensation, an AFL legend, and more.
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The cast of the 10th season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has been finalised, and speculation about who will be entering the jungle is as rife as ever as new clues continue to drop.

So far, Channel 10 has provided us with 12 clues… But just who are the names behind these signifiers? Here’s what we know.

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National Treasure

A new clue revealed a national treasure will be entering the jungle this season; “She may be Australia’s National Treasure, but her Logie won’t help her now.”

The clue revealed the star has won a Gold Logie, narrowing down the list of possible contestants. Fans are convinced it could be Denise Drysdale, Lisa McCune, Kate Ritchie, or even Carrie Bickmore, however, other celebrities such as Rebecca Gibney, Rowena Wallace, and Jana Wendt also fit the bill. 

Hollywood Child Star

The list of Hollywood child stars is endless. The clue revealed: “A Hollywood Child Star is set to enter the jungle but are they prepared for the wild ride?”

The discussion over who this celebrity could be has already gotten interesting. A production insider allegedly told Yahoo Lifestyle who “the most rumoured contest this year” is, and you’ll never guess who… Melissa Joan Hart. 

Will we see the Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All actress in the jungle?

Jackie’s love life has been a widely discussed topic over the years. (Credit: Getty)

Mega Influencer

As for the mega influencer, they are described as a major diva who will surely struggle without her creature comforts. 

She’s made a headline or two, much like the glamourous sports star and gold medallist who will be joining her in the jungle.

Given giraffes are featured in the promo trailer for this secret celeb could this perhaps be a reference to their height, if so, could we expect to see a netballer or basketballer in South Africa?

Only time will tell!

Radio Queen 

“This radio queen is known for her rocky romances,” the clue revealed. Obviously, Australia is home to several radio queens…

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Kate Langbroek, and Amanda Keller all fit the clue! We are intrigued to see who it could be.

Glamorous Sports Star

The clue revealed that this glamorous sports star is also a gold medal winner. “For someone who is used to the roar of the crowd, hopefully the jungle sounds at night won’t intimidate this gold medal winner…”

Due to her appearance on SAS Australia and Celebrity Apprentice, fans are convinced it could be the three-time Olympic gold medallist swimmer Stephanie Rice.

Rove often attends the annual Steve Irwin Gala Dinner. (Credit: Facebook)

International Stage Sensation

The international stage sensation entering the jungle is said to be “ditching his family” to do so. However, the I’m a Celebrity Instagram page hasn’t posted about this clue, so fans have yet to have the opportunity to share who they think the star could be.

TV Celebrity Chef

As for the well-known chef? They are said to be “causing a stir” in the jungle, according to the teaser. Some fans have guessed names such as Miguel Maestre, Colin Fassnigde, and Poh Ling Yeow. 

Others have suggested Gordon Ramsay, while others have kept their guesses broad, linking the clue to someone from Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules.

Controverisal TV Star

Though not much was given away in reference to the controversial TV star, fans picked up on the clue’s choice of words when the voice-over says: “over to our roving reporter.”

One fan commented, “Roving?? Rove McManus??”, questioning whether the Australian comedian and presenter might be joining the show. 

Others guessed it could be someone from MAFS or Love Island, or even Kyle Sandilands from The Kyle & Jackie O show.

Luke Hodge retired in 2019. (Credit: Getty)

Gold Medallist

The Gold Medallist clue gave a bit more away, revealing that the star is “diverting from Paris to the African jungle… and word is they’re a real trailblazer”.

The most common guess here was Mack Horton, the Australian freestyle swimmer who recently retired – just six months out from the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

AFL Legend

Fans have some good guesses about who the AFL Hall of Famer is; the clue reveals that “he is a premiership winner”, and at one point new host Robert Irwin says: “He dodges a python’s loving embrace.”

Taking hints from the wordplay, speculation is that Luke Hodge is the AFL legend entering the jungle this season.

Robert replaced Chris Brown who hosted previous seasons of I’m a Celeb. (Credit: Channel 10)

TV Love Rat

Meanwhile, the TV Love Rat is said to be a “bad boy” and “heartbreaker”. Most are convinced this unnamed celeb is from Married At First Sight Australia or The Bachelor Australia, but there are so many options!

International Comedian

The clue revealing that an international comedian would be heading to the jungle hinted that the celeb is “loved by the royals”.

Speculation about this comedian was relatively skewed, with names such as Jonathon Ross, Jake Whitehall, Adam Hills, and Ross Noble being thrown around. However, the most common guess was British comedian and writer, Micahel McIntyre. 

“We are confident with our lineup,” the insider said. (Credit: Channel 10)

Before the clues officially dropped, it was reported that Robert Irwin’s celebrity friends were trying to land a spot in the jungle.

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that management companies were “falling over themselves” to sign their talent up to the reality show. 

“You know a show has a good reputation when you answer calls from well-known talent in the UK and the USA,” the insider said. “Having Robert host with Julia opened a lot of doors for us when casting the 2024 series.”

The Irwins are friends with many A-list celebrities. Robert specifically has made many strong connections in Hollywood in recent years after appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, working alongside Billie Eilish, and interviewing major names such as Robert Downey Jr. 

The entire Irwin family is set to join Rob in South Africa. (Credit: Instagram)

The Hemsworths and Melissa Joan Hart are also within the Irwins’ circle.

“The Irwins have more than a fair share of A-list celebrities in their circle including the Hemsworths and Melissa Joan Hart, who is the most rumoured contestant this year,” a production insider also shared with Yahoo Lifestyle.

“There are some celebs we ask every year, and maybe this year stars like Melissa or Jean-Claude Van Damme will finally say yes. It’s our year to catch a few of those white whales.”

No celebrities have been confirmed to join the reality show as of yet, but with the premiere date fast approaching, we expect some more clues to be dropped very soon. Stay tuned!

When does I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2024 premier?

The 10th season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia premiered on March 24.

You can watch the hit reality TV show on Sunday to Thursday, 7:30pm, on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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