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Jackie O steps out with rumoured boyfriend Jack Tyerman

Is Jackie O's single life over?
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After her divorce from UK photographer Lee Henderson in 2018, breakfast radio host Jackie O Henderson has seemingly remained happily single.

The mother of one has previously revealed on The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she “loves” the single life.

“You don’t have to answer to anyone, you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to discuss what’s for dinner. I hated those conversations,” she admitted on air in February 2023.

A year later, however, the radio star has candidly admitted just how lonely she feels as a single woman at times. 

“I just really want to find someone. I can’t find him and I’m sort of a bit lost at the moment,” the radio host revealed at the book launch of Bachelorette star Luke McLeod’s new book Everyday Enlightenment

“I have a lot of love to give or I want that affection, that company. It just feels like there’s something missing in my life. [But] I’m so happy being single and not looking for someone because I’m genuinely happy with my life,” she added.

Henderson was photographed with tradie-turned-model Jack Tyerman in May 2024. (Credit: Media Mode)

However, the beloved Australian has recently stepped out with her rumoured boyfriend Jack Tyerman, leaving fans to question whether this is still true.

The two were photographed arriving at Justin Hemmes’ new restaurant Good Luck in Sydney on May 17, 2024, just hours after the KISS FM star talked about him on live radio.

“He is cute, but no, there is nothing going on. We went out with his sister and her husband. We were just catching up,” she said, referring to another instance where the two had been spotted on a date with another couple.

“Jack is a good friend of mine. I know him through a friend of ours. We didn’t meet on a dating app or anything like that.”

Jackie has recently been linked to former NRL player Braith Anasta (Credit: Getty)

Rumours of her relationship with Tyerman first surfaced in August 2023, however, Henderson has also found herself amid other dating rumours this year…

In early 2024, the mother of one spent a day on the high seas with Braith Anasta – and by all reports, it was a real-life love boat!

According to reports, Henderson and the former NRL player were spotted enjoying a flirty, yet friendly chat but only time will tell if these two stars decide to sail off into the sunset together.

Henderson shares a daughter with her ex-husband Lee Henderson. (Credit: Instagram)

In June 2023, Henderson told her co-host Kyle Sandilands that she had signed up for a dating app. Announcing she was ready to start dating again five years after her split, she admitted she had signed up to Hinge.

Admitting she was speaking to ‘three or four men’ on the app, she gave insight into her ‘try anything’ attitude; “I just thought, hey, I’m going to do it because why not?” she said. “I can’t go out all the time, I don’t want to do that. This is just easier [to meet someone].”

While she’s not ‘necessarily looking’ for a long-term relationship, she said she wants “to have a little bit of fun and go on dates.”

“That doesn’t mean I want Tinder hook-ups either. I’ll just go out on a date and see what happens,” she clarified.

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This certainly seemed to be proven true when asked about her likelihood of becoming the next Bachelorette. On her radio show, she told her co-host Kyle that she had also received an offer from Channel 10.

“It came through my manager and I said ‘Absolutely not’. No way would I ever do something like that. It is great for your entertainment, but what about me?” she said firmly.

When pressed on just how much she was offered, Jackie remained tight-lipped, yet hinted it was over $300k (Sophie Monk’s earnings). In spite of this impressive salary, she affirmed that no amount of money would convince her to sign on.

‘They asked how much would it cost.’ Nothing, I wouldn’t do it. I would just not do it. Not The Bachelorette. They are just making TV in the end and you are just going to get gronks, get weirdos… I just don’t think it is for me,’ she attested.

Henderson also admitted that she had spoken to Sophie about her experience on the show, where she affirmed that she was not assigned to anyone compatible.

Jackie says she’s ready to date again. (Credit: Instagram)

The 49-year-old has previously said she prefers to date men aged between 35 and 55.

“I want to go out on a date here and there, you know?”

Henderson guarded her phone when the recently-married Kyle tried to gain more intel on her prospects by stealing her phone.

“You’re going to scare everybody away! You’ll have a go and then everyone will be like, ‘Well I’m not going to like her because then I’ll get talked about on the air’.”

Jackie with her ex-husband Lee. (Credit: Getty)

Henderson was previously married to UK photographer Lee Henderson from 2003 to 2018. They share a 12-year-old daughter together, Catalina ‘Kitty’ Mae Henderson.

Prior to that, she was married to her former radio co-host ‘Ugly’ Phil O’Neil.

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