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It was instant fireworks for Kyle Sandilands & Tegan Kynaston

They truly are perfect for one another.
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Kyle Sandilands may be a shock jock on the radio waves, but his personal life sees a much softer side to the host – particularly when it comes to his romantic life.

WATCH NOW: Kyle Sandilands proposes to Tegan Kynaston. Article continues after video.

The KIIS FM host is currently loved up with his wife Tegan Kynaston. Not only are the couple recently married, but they have also welcomed their first child together.

We’ve taken a look back at Kyle and Tegan’s love story over the years.

Kyle’s proposal to Tegan was an extravagant affair. (Credit: Instagram)

How did Kyle and Tegan meet?

Following the end of his eight-year relationship with Imogen Anthony, rumours swirled that Kyle had begun a relationship with his then-personal assistant, Tegan.

While the pair initially denied the romance, they seemingly went Instagram official on December 6, 2019, when they were photographed having a drink together on Tegan’s Instagram.

On ​​​​New Year’s Eve in 2019, the pair looked to be a full-fledged couple when they uploaded a romantic snap of Tegan kissing Kyle on the cheek during Sydney’s New Year’s fireworks.

The pair seemed to confirm their relationship on New Year’s Eve. (Credit: Instagram)

Kyle proposes to Tegan

Kyle popped the question to Tegan during a holiday at his house in Port Douglas in January 2022 – and, of course, it was an extravagant affair.

The shock jock spared no expense for the special occasion, which was complete with flowers, a red carpet, and a whopper of a diamond ring.

Speaking about the proposal live on air during the Kyle & Jackie O Show, Kyle admitted that a few things went wrong, including that Conrad Sewell was supposed to perform their favourite song, but the singer had to pull out at the last minute because he’d contracted COVID.

Despite the last-minute changes, Tegan was overcome with emotion at the surprise. As was Kyle, who admitted he got teary during the proposal.

The romantic proposal was captured on video. (Credit: Kyle and Jackie O)

How much did Tegan’s ring cost?

While neither Kyle nor Tegan have confirmed the price of the impressive diamond ring, the Daily Mail spoke to Tobias Kormind, the managing director of Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller, 77 Diamonds, to get an idea of the cost of the massive sparkler.

“Tegan’s ring is an emerald-cut diamond set on a split shank platinum band,” Tobias told the publication.

“[It would be] worth over $1.14million for a decent quality diamond, at least F colour, VS1 clarity,” he added.

Since Kyle recently valued his business empire at about $100 million, we have no doubt he would spare no expense for his future wife.

Tegan showed off the impressive ring on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

The pair welcome baby Otto!

On August 11, 2022 the shock jock had a shock of his own this morning running out of The Kyle and Jackie O Show after getting the call from Tegan that their baby boy was on his way.

“Guys, I am broadcasting from home for a reason, and that reason seems to have raised its head now,” he said, before asking Tegan. “It’s all happening,” he added.

“Guys, I think it might have to leave the show and go to the hospital,” a flustered Kyle said before rushing off to the hospital.

Kyle’s manager Bruno Bouchet later gave an update to Daily Mail Australia, saying: “Little Otto was born this morning. Mum and bub both doing well. Kyle’s beyond excited. Kyle will be back on tomorrow’s radio show to chat all things Otto.”

See all the cutest photos of baby Otto here.

Kyle had to rush out in the middle of the show to head to the hospital. (Credit: Kyle and Jackie O)

On the topic of kids, Kyle once believed he was “too selfish” to be a father, but admitted that “it had never been the right time”.

“I’m open to having children, I’ve never really been really against it but it’s just never really been in my world,” he said.

“I don’t know about that, you’ve always been against it,” co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson replied.

“I’ve been too selfish to have one, like, I thought maybe I’d have a kid one day but it’s never been the right time,” he said, adding that Tegan “definitely wants kids”.

Kyle says Tegan “definitely wants kids”. (Credit: Instagram)

When did Kyle marry Tegan?

On April 29th, 2023, the lovebirds wed in a lavish, no-expenses-spared event that reportedly cost the couple one million dollars!

The wedding was attended by a slew of Kyle’s celebrity friends that included Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, notorious Sydney underworld figure and groomsman John Ibrahim, Karl Stefanovic, Beau Ryan, and even Guy Sebastian who serenaded the newlyweds.

As for the honeymoon, along with their then-newborn son Otto, they spent a summer in Europe. Curiously, they decided to bring Kyle’s manager, a nanny, Jackie O, and her daughter Kitty, newsreader Brooklyn Ross, and radio show producer Jaimee ‘Mayo’ Blazquez along for the ride.

According to Kyle, the trip cost a total of half a million dollars. 

Baby Otto stole the show at his parents lavish nuptials. (Credit: Instagram)

Kyle’s past relationships

Kyle and Tegan have been dating since late 2019, and prior to his latest relationship, he was with model Imogen Anthony for eight years and was married to singer Tamara Jaber from 2008 to 2010.

Following news of her ex-partner’s engagement, Imogen spoke on the Good B*tch podcast about her split with Kyle – whom she remains close with – and why the pair chose to initially keep their romance under wraps.

“We kept it on the down-low for two years because he didn’t want that backlash coming onto me, and I didn’t want to be known as something that I knew everyone would put the label on me for,” she told hosts Jules Rangiheuea and Jodie Clarke.

As for the reason behind their split, Imogen explained, “He was going through a lot of s**t. He had people he’d worked with for years he was falling out with, he lost his dad a couple of years earlier and was still dealing with that.

Imogen and Kyle dated for eight years. (Credit: Instagram)

“A lot of it wasn’t even us, it was him dealing with his own stuff and he knows that.”

She also shared that she and Kyle are “amicable” following the split and that there will “always be love” between them.

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