Kyle Sandilands and John Ibrahim have an unlikely, yet solid friendship

“We’ve always had great times together.”
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From the outside, radio presenter Kyle Sandilands and infamous nightclub mogul John Ibrahim couldn’t seem more different.

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But the unlikely pair have been close friends for several years now, often photographed together around Sydney.

For Kyle’s birthday in 2019, John shared a rare post to Instagram and wrote: “Happy birthday my beautiful friend. You are one of the few people that make life better.”

Kyle regularly speaks highly of their friendship on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, and his fiancée Tegan often shares snaps of moments when all of them are together.

john ibrahim
John (pictured) and Kyle have been friends for years. (Credit: Getty)

In his 2017 book, Last King of the Cross, John also shared details about his friendship with the radio host, noting they grew up under similar circumstances.

“A lot of people don’t know that Kyle grew up rough, where good role models weren’t common. We didn’t have a lot of success stories living around us,” he said.

Their friendship grew solid once they moved into two houses right across from each other, something John explores in his book (which you can shop here).

“Living directly across the road from each other, and both being single, it’s not an ideal situation for our health. But… so much fun,” he said.

kyle sandilands john ibrahim
“I have travelled the world with him.” (Credit: Instagram)

John also said that from Kyle “putting on a private full-on cabaret show on the coffee table in our villa in Ibiza” to just having breakfast in a street diner in LA, they’ve been through it all.

“Love him or hate him, I have travelled the world with him, and we’ve always had great times together,” he went on to write in his book.

“I find him to be a loyal friend, straight to the point and non-judgmental. I’m unfortunately never up early enough to listen to his show, so all I judge him by is the time I spend with him.”

“You could put me and him in a phone box — although he wouldn’t fit — and we’d have a great time just talking sh*t.”

kyle sandilands
Kyle (pictured) regularly speaks highly of their friendship on the radio. (Credit: Getty)

More recently, Kyle and John have had something new to bond over, with the radio host having welcomed his first child with Tegan last year.

John is already a father of three, and his youngest, one-year-old Elvis, has Kyle wrapped around his little finger.

Earlier last year, Kyle was seen doting on his friend’s son while at lunch in Sydney, after Tegan shared a sweet photo of the duo to her Instagram Stories.

With Kyle a new and very proud dad to his baby boy Otto, it seems his friendship with John will continue into the next generation.

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