EXCLUSIVE: Kate Langbroek loves playing matchmaker for other parents

"Nothing in life is certain."
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Kate Langbroek is ready to find love.

Not for herself, as she’s been happily married for 20 years, but for single parents searching for a life partner on the reality series My Mum, Your Dad.

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“You’re going to see things on this show that are really confronting,” Kate, who returns as host, tells New Idea.

“There’s nothing more basic and eternal than a desire for love. There’s something very life affirming about it. It helps you reflect on yourself.”

Time spent with her husband is precious to Kate. (Credit: Supplied)

If you missed the first season of My Mum, Your Dad last year, the series sees children taking charge of their parents’ dating lives. Kate says it’s been a huge “risk” for all who took part.

“The show goes deep,” Kate, 58, shares.

“Everybody knows what it’s like to have loved and lost. But to have to question yourself and your behaviours, or the shell you’ve built around yourself for protection, as many single parents have … you’ve really had to toughen up. Sometimes strength can become your weakness, because it keeps people at bay.

“This desire for self-protection is natural, but falling in love requires the opposite. It requires you to open yourself up and that’s really hard.”

The family love being with each other. (Credit: Supplied)

It’s been a while since Kate has had to worry about the perils of dating, having married husband Peter Allen Lewis back in 2003.

But she can still relate to others who are searching for love, and remains philosophical about life and the uncertainty around relationships.

“I have had these conversations with girlfriends, about the difficulty if we were ever in the position where we would have to date again,” she shares.

“There comes a point in your life where you think, ‘Well, this is a done deal.’ But if there’s one thing we know about life, it’s that we don’t know.

“We [just]don’t know what’s going to happen or where the river is going to take us.”

When work isn’t keeping Kate busy, she’s running the household and in mum mode with her and Peter’s four children: Lewis, 20, Sunday, 18, Artie, 16, and Jan, 14.

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Kate’s excited to be back as host for another season of My Mum, Your Dad. (Credit: Channel 9)

With the kids’ studies and after-school sport commitments, it’s always all systems go for Kate.

While Kate admires the bravery of the families taking part in My Mum, Your Dad, it’s a resounding “No” when it comes to imagining her own on the show.

“In this context, the children know and understand their parents extraordinarily well, in ways that the parents have underestimated,” she explains.

“When you have children, you hide a lot of yourself from them because you think they’re too young or whatever.

“But on this show, your children see you really clearly – even the bits you’ve tried to hide.”

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