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Rejecting the rose! All the best Bachelor walk-outs

They did not accept the rose.
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The hottest commodity in the Bachelor mansion is, of course, a rose.

Receive one, and you’re still in the running to win the leading man’s heart. End the night without one and you’ll have Osher Günsberg’s consoling voice in your ear, saying “You didn’t receive a rose”, before you have to leave the mansion for good.  

And while Osher does his best to soften the blow, it takes a lot more than a soothing voice to ease the sting of heartbreak. 

WATCH: The most dramatic rose ceremony on Bachelor In Paradise

Considering a rose in the Bachelor world is more valuable than gold, the show’s cocktail parties usually portray the contestants scrambling to get some alone time with the leading man… even if it means they must (gasp) interrupt one of his conversations to do so. 

After plenty of hustling and pleading as to why they’re definitely the most date-able one in the house, the contestants attend a rose ceremony to see if their dating pitch has panned out or if they’re ending the night rose-less. 

But while most who don’t receive a rose are left heartbroken, there have been many Bachie contestants who have rejected the flower entirely, leaving the mansion of their own accord. 

Whether due to confrontation, career ambitions, or a lack of compatibility, here are the best Bachelor walk outs from over the years. 

Emma Rose did not receive a rose. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Emma Rose

Aka the original Bachie walkout. Appearing on Tim Robards’ season of The Bachelor, Emma Rose lasted two episodes before she decided the reality TV stint was not for her.

“I feel like there’s a lot of girls here who are really, really into this and really here for the right reasons, and I just feel like I’m not fully here,” Emma said at the time.

And so, Emma Rose did not receive a rose. Sorry, we had to do it.

Who needs Blake Garvey when you’ve already scored a professional netball career? (Credit: Channel Ten)

Holly Pearce

Despite being granted the coveted white rose, Holly Pearce left Blake Garvey’s season to pursue her sports career.

“I can’t walk away from netball, it’s not only in my head, but in my heart as well,” Holly said.

Considering the explosive love triangle between Blake, Sam Frost and Louise Pillidge that ensued, the netballer may just be glad she left when she did.

She tapped out of the race at the last second. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Emily Simms

Choosing the very last moment to leave, Emily Simms from Sam Wood’s season decided to tap out of the rose ceremony when she was left beside her rival, Nina Rolleston.

As Sam prepared to give out his final rose, Emily raced down the stairs and out of the mansion without saying a word.

The personal trainer then offered his final rose to Nina, assuring her it was always meant for her anyway.

Vintaea didn’t feel a spark with Richie. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Vintaea Carlos

Vintaea Carlos was mid rose ceremony when she decided she wasn’t destined to fall in love with Richie Strahan.

“I just want to say thanks so much for the opportunity, but I realise that this just isn’t for me,” Vintaea told Richie before leaving the mansion.

After the show went to air, the reality star revealed that the real reason she left dating juggernaut was that she didn’t feel compatible with Richie.

“I knew he wouldn’t have the personality to be able to handle mine and knew pretty much straight away that he wasn’t the guy for me, hence why I left”, Vintaea dished to The Western Star.

Megan also didn’t see a future with Richie. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Megan Marx

Don’t take it personally Richie, but Vintaea wasn’t the only woman to choose to walk out during your season. 

Despite being a frontrunner, Megan Marx decided to leave the competition during a rose ceremony. 

WATCH: Megan Marx walks out on Richie Strahan (Story continues after video)

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“I just can’t fall in love in such competition and intensity,” Megan said.

After leaving the show, Megan went on to date fellow Bachelor contestant Tiffany Scanlon, as well as Bachelorette alum Jake Ellis – but both relationships weren’t to be.

After getting into some confrontation with her fellow contestants, Jennifer left the mansion for good. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jennifer Hawke

Jennifer Hawke made an explosive departure from Matty J’s season of The Bachelor after getting into some confrontation with her fellow contestants.

After Jen told Matty that Lisa Carlton had said he was merely in the game to up his social status, the marketing manager found herself in the firing line as the other contestants accused her of falsifying the claims.

The drama prompted Jen to storm out of the mansion and out of the running to win Matty J’s heart. In the end, it was Laura Byrne who took up that mantle.

Brooke walked out during the pointy end of the competition. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Brooke Blurton

While many Bachelor walk-outs have been early days, Brooke Blurton made it to the semi-final episode of Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins’ season of the dating show before making the decision to leave.

In the end, Nick chose neither Brittany Hockley or Sophie Tieman to start a life with, and some Bachie fans speculated that should Brooke have stayed, he would’ve picked her.

WATCH: Brooke Blurton walks out on Nick Cummins (Story continues after video)

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However, when Brooke appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, the youth worker revealed that what we saw on-screen during Nick’s season didn’t paint the full picture.

Speaking of the final date, Brooke confessed that the bachelor had secretly filled her in on his plans. 

“He stopped the cameras and smothered his mic to tell me he wasn’t going to pick anyone in the end,” Brooke dished to her fellow BIP contestants.

Let’s hope Brooke can find her happily ever after in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

Forget Romeo and Juliet, this was the tale of Roxi and Juliette. Though, there was no love lost between them. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Roxi Kenny 

Like Jen’s exit, Roxi Kenny left the Bachelor mansion after getting into some confrontation with a fellow reality star.

It was an ongoing feud with Juliette Herrera that prompted Roxi to give up trying to win Locky Gilbert’s heart.

Upon packing her bags and exiting the show, Roxi’s final words were, “F**k you, Juliette”.

Needless to say, they were very different from Romeo’s final words to Juliet. 

Tatum didn’t feel much chemistry with Jimmy. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Tatum Hargraves

After telling Jimmy Nicholson’s sister and cousin that she thought frontrunner Holly Kingston was a different person in the mansion than she was in front of the bachie himself, Tatum decided the dating show wasn’t for her and left mid cocktail party. 

“When I realised my feelings weren’t progressing I came to the conclusion that mutually there is no chemistry between us,” Tatum wrote of Jimmy on Instagram.

“I respectfully don’t want to waste my time, nor Jimmy’s or take any time away from the women inside the mansion. As a result, I’ve decided to leave the mansion.”

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