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Here’s where to follow all the Bachelor contestants on Instagram

Or, as we like to call it, their dating profiles.
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We’re just one night away from The Bachelor Australia 2021 kicking off and you know what that means… it’s time to Insta-stalk the contestants after Jimmy Nicholson’s heart.

That’s right, we’re ready to absorb knowledge the same way the cocktail parties absorb drama as we get to know all the women fronting the upcoming rose ceremonies. 

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Each contestant’s Insta account is like a dating profile that we can compare with Jimmy’s; you know, for compatibility purposes. Not only that, but we have to be prepared for any potential clues about the show’s outcome – evidence in the form of follows, unfollows, tags, comments, etc.

Though, when it comes to spoilers, we may be out luck this time around, as all the contestants’ Instagram bios have the same disclaimer: “This account is currently managed by a third party of behalf of (insert Bachie girl’s name here) from 8 July 2021.”

Not only that, Channel Ten have reportedly implemented a stricter than ever social media contract this time around.

Ugh, so it looks like the Insta security is as tight as that of the Bachelor mansion’s for this season. No matter, we’ll just have to watch everything unfold on screen. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still comb through these pseudo-dating profiles to get to know who may be landing the pilot.

Here’s where to find this year’s Bachelor contestants on the gram.

This marketing manager knows how to curate her Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

Holly | @hollykingston

This marketing manager sure knows how to curate an aesthetic Instagram feed. With plenty of champagne glasses, icy blue waters, and one adorable white and fluffy puppy, Holly sure looks like she lives life to the fullest.

Will this chess player make all the right moves? (Credit: Instagram)

Jay | @jacintalal_nutritionist

As well as having a few on-brand snaps of delectable-looking food, this nutritionist’s Insta is full of picturesque snapshots of Sydney harbour, plenty of outdoor activities, and (unsurprisingly if you’ve seen her Bachelor entrance video), a picture of a chessboard. We wonder if this adventurous beauty will checkmate her way into Jimmy’s heart.

She’s taken inspo from Marilyn Monroe. (Credit: Instagram)

Brooke | @brookecleal

Along with her fellow Bachie gals, Brooke doesn’t shy away from an adventure. Her Instagram houses sights from around the globe as well as plenty of drinks, friends, and a quote or two – including one from Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe which reads, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”. Take notes, Jimmy.

Even if Lily wins this season, we still think her adorable pup will feature on her Instagram more than Jimmy. And we’re not complaining. (Credit: Instagram)

Lily | @lilykprice

We’re just going to say it. The main star of Lily’s Instagram is her adorable pup Pixie Jean. Almost every third post is dedicated to the light brown ball of fluff, and the crane operator’s only highlight reel is for Pixie. There are also some photos of her friends and from Spain. But the puppy!

She’s flown all around the world but will she fly into the pilot’s heart? (Credit: Instagram)

Chanel | @thedancingnomad

Calling all tourism companies across the globe… we’ve find your next ambassador. Flight manager Chanel’s Instagram page is a thing of beauty. From Santorini in Greece to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Bachelor contestant has left no stone unturned as she documents her travels around the globe. But now the jet setter has landed firmly on the ground for her biggest adventure of all – falling in love.   

Annabelle seems partial to the beach. (Credit: Instagram)

Annabelle | @beloregan

With many an ocean view, alcoholic beverage and friends to boot, Annabelle’s Instagram is full of good vibes.
She rocks a golden hour selfie. (Credit: Instagram)

Lauren | @loveandlauren

This makeup guru’s Instagram is full of colour, style and plenty of golden hour selfies. We love to see it. 

One of many flowy dresses featured on Hannah’s Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

Hannah | @hannahnorman

If her instagram is anything to go by, Hannah is a fan of flowy dresses, bright colours and the great outdoors.

The personal trainer’s Instagram is motivational. (Credit: Instagram)

Elena | @activeinstinct.lena

It’s no surprise that personal trainer Elena’s Instagram is filled with workout videos and motivational captions. The Bachelor star is also frequents the beach and rocks some bold colours. 

This criminal lawyer sure does love her seafood. (Credit: Instagram)

Belinda | @belindarobinson

At first glance, Belinda’s Instagram seems like a food account, with a preference for seafood. The criminal lawyer also occasionally shares stunning selfies. 

Tahnee seems like a social butterfly. (Credit: Instagram)

Tahnee | @tahneerae

Tahnee seems like quite the social butterfly, posing with friends and cocktails galore, while also being quite partial to a stunning mirror selfie.

She compares herself to Blair from Gossip Girl. (Credit: Instagram)

Stevie | @steviejeangrey

Stevie, who compares herself to Blair from Gossip Girl, rocks glam makeup and style and loves posing with her adorable pup.

Yeehaw. (Credit: Instagram)

Sierah | @sweppo

Judging by her instagram, Sierah is a big fan of dressing up, and she doesn’t hold back. We love to see it.

She rocks a pastel. (Credit: Instagram)

Madison | @_maddyallen

The blonde beauty seems to love a pastel moment as well as soaking up the sun.

We want her earring collection. (Credit: Instagram)

Laura | @_lauraoloughlin

This speech pathologist loves a selfie which often feature the grooviest of earrings. Her Instagram also features some stunning greenery so she’ll be right at home in the Bachelor gardens. 

Her Insta is full of adventure. (Credit: Instagram)

Ashleigh | @afreckle_

Full of blue skies, pups, painting and exploring, Ashleigh’s Instagram documents plenty of adventures.

Gotta love a Pinot and Picasso moment. (Credit: Instagram)

Carlie | @carliehodges

Unlike the other corporate lawyer, Carlie’s Instagram isn’t so seafood focused. Instead, the 33-year-old features her adorable pup, plenty of champagne and her nearest and dearest on her account.

Her Instagram documents her European adventures. (Credit: Instagram)

Tamlyn | @tamlynleigh

Tamlyn’s Instagram features plenty of colourful looks, nights out, as well as her European adventures.

Looking classy. (Credit: Instagram)

Stephanie | @ssgl

Poolside snaps, drinks with the girls and gorgeous selfies feature on Stephanie’s aesthetic Instagram.  

She’s got inspirational quotes to boot. (Credit: Instagram)

Tatum | @tatumhargraves

With inspirational quotes, flawless selfies and makeup tutorials to boot, Tatum’s Instagram is a beauty influencer’s dream.

Her Instagram is sure to brighten up your feed. (Credit: Instagram)

Rebekah | @bekmodernel

Rebekah’s Instagram is sure to brighten up your feed. With her bold colour combos and overseas adventures, this youth support worker seems to live life to the fullest.

Jacinta’s Instagram is full of friends and laughter. (Credit: Instagram)

Jacinta | @jacinta_boyss

Jacinta looks like she has places to be and people to see. Her Instagram features many friends, laughs and good times. 

The dance teacher has one aesthetic Instagram page. (Credit: Instagram)

Ash | @ash_lee13

Ash’s gorgeous Instagram feed is a carefully-curated mix of inspirational quotes, aesthetic travel shots and dancing videos. 

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