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‘Over it’: Nick Cummins is defiant as he arrives in Sydney after THAT Bachelor furore

Harsh words Nick!
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After sensationally breaking both Sophie and Brittany’s hearts, The Bachelor villain Nick “the Honey Badger” Cummins was seen arriving back in Australia following a jaunt on the Kokoda Trail in PNG which saw him miss the season finale.

The Honey Badger walked off the plane at Brisbane Airport with women claiming to be related to him.

He proceeded to the security desk requesting to be escorted due to the potential media frenzy.

After being questioned by a reporter about his thoughts on what happened on the show the former Wallabies player quickly said ‘I think we’re all over it. It happened six months ago!’

Footage of the interview also sees the reporter questioning Nick about rumours he’s back together with Brooke, who quit the show ahead of the finale as Nick was unable to confirm his feeling for her.

They also asked how the girls were, referring to The Bachelor contestants Sophie and Brittany.

The Bachelor
Nick Cummins was defiant at the airport

Nick chose to ignore the questions and carried on walking.

‘The girls are just fine!’ Nick said referring to the woman alongside him.

This is not the first time he has been approached by reporters about his behaviour on the reality TV show.

A Current Affair shockingly confronted the Bachelor  to ask him about the “mess he’s left back home.”

The Bachelor
Nick Cummins returned from PNG

In the exclusive report, journalist Reid Butler ambushed Nick at a luxury hotel to ask about his decision to dump the girls. 

The “Honey Badger” had been spending time there while completing the Kokoda Trail.

“I’m just trying to have a peaceful break,” Cummins, said, after emerging from a swimming pool.

“Just don’t bloody hassle me, I’m trying to bloody crunch it out. Got enough crap from people like you, so I’m just trying to relax.”

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