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Everything we know about Big Brother’s “hopeless romantic” Christina Podolyan

Here's how she's planning on taking out the competition.
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Big Brother Australia 2021 has kicked into gear with a whole new group of housemates ready and willing (mostly) to do the task master’s bidding in order to be the last one standing.

We’ve already met a bunch of… interesting characters in the house, but Melbourne flight attendant Christina has turned some heads in the best way possible.

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Big Brother Australia 2021 has provided us with plenty of new characters all with different agendas up their sleeves. From “play dumb, act smart” Tilly to “master manipulator” Ari, we have a mixed bag of strategists, pot-stirrers and those ready to make some emotional connections… sometimes will an ulterior motive. 

A housemate that certainly falls into the latter category is 22-year-old flight attendant Christina Podolyan from Melbourne. 

Due to COVID-19, Christina’s career in the air was unfortunately grounded. However, the setback meant that the Big Brother superfan could go from watching the reality show to starring on the program herself. And she’s got plenty of plans for her on-screen stint. 

Big Brother Christina
“Hopeless romantic” Christina is ready to make some emotional connections in the house… but does she have an ulterior motive? (Credit: Channel Seven)

Christina was born in Israel and has a Russian background. Her family migrated to Australia when she was just 10 years old after her father decided it was too dangerous to live in Tel Aviv.

She’s been described as “energetic, fun loving, single and a hopeless romantic” whose strategy in the game is to “establish emotional connections with as many people as possible and purposely lose the first few challenges so she’s not seen as a threat”.

True to her word, Christina has yet to dominate a challenge set by the big man himself, but that hasn’t stopped her from succeeding in other aspects of daily life… those of the romantic variety.

Big Brother Christina Mac
There was some chemistry between Christina and Max while he was in the house. (Credit: Channel Seven)

That’s right, “hopeless romantic” Christina has certainly raised a few eyebrows in the house (in a good way) and she’s even reciprocated some head turns herself. 

First it was ironman Max who caught the attention of the flight attendant. However, sadly, any potential romance was cut short due to Max’s untimely eviction in the first episode. 

Speaking to New Idea about his tête-à-tête with the 22-year-old, Max revealed that he thought Christina was “cute” and that “in a different world” something might have potentially happened between the two.

Big Brother Christina
Should she win, Christina wants to use the prize money to give back to her parents. (Credit: Instagram)

With Max out of the revamped house, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see if another romance blossoms between Christina and a fellow housemate. Until then, the 22-year-old has her eye well and truly on the prize, and she knows exactly where she is putting her winnings if she is the lucky last one standing. 

Knowing how hard her immigrant parents have had it in the past, Christina confessed to Channel Seven that, should she win the top prize, she wants to “give back to her family” so her mum can “live a stress-free life”. 

Will Christina be the last one standing? We have our guess. 

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