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Big Brother’s “master manipulator” Ari EXPOSED

He's charming his way into some fake friendships.
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Big Brother’s Ari Kimber may have all his housemates on side, but underneath his façade, the 22-year-old has one big scheme brewing.

WATCH: Big Brother’s Ari reveals he’s been lying to housemates

Big Brother Australia has a whole new batch of housemates ready to do the game master’s bidding. But the show’s namesake isn’t the only one with tricks up his sleeve.

Law, communications and neuropsychology student Ari Kimber is a self-proclaimed “master manipulator”, but he’s not letting that known to his fellow housemates.

Just last night, Ari was put up for eviction by fellow housemate Katie as a “safe vote”; this status meant that he survived another day under the watchful eye of Big Brother while lovable larrikin Nick was sent packing – all the more time for the self-professed manipulator to put his plan into action. 

Ari Kimber big brother
Ari Kimber is a self-claimed “leader in disguise”. (Credit: Channel Seven)

He may not seem as loud as strategist Daniel or as energetic as “play dumb, act smart” Tilly, but 22-year-old student Ari is in it to win it.

As a self-proclaimed “master manipulator”, Ari has entered Big Brother’s new and improved house claiming to be “10 steps ahead of everyone else”.

Like Tilly, the law student isn’t planning on letting on how smart he is to his fellow contestants, in fact, he’s not interested in revealing many truths about himself to his competitors. 

big brother ari kimber
Ari is planning on charming his way into some fake friendships. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The ambitious student from the Eastern suburbs believes that charming his way into fake friendships will be the way to win the Big Brother competition.

Considering Ari has confessed to not letting anything getting in the way of his plans to become Australia’s youngest Prime Minister, we have no doubt he will do whatever it takes to take out top spot.

Having admitted to despising anything “boring”, it’s no surprise the 22-year-old has big plans when it comes to the Big Brother prize money.

Ari Kimber big brother
Should he win, Ari has big plans for the prize money. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Should Ari be victorious, he is ready to go on a spending spree in France. And, if he wins, it looks like he won’t be headed there solo.

Just two weeks ago, according to the Daily Mail, Ari was spotted with his boyfriend of two months, Alistair Clark.

The pair were joined by fellow housemates Christina Podolyan and Charlotte Hall as they left popular gelato store ANITA in Sydney.

And if you’re worried his sighting means he’s out of the race, don’t worry; the show itself was filmed months ago, but the finale has yet to be filmed. So it’s anyone’s game! Well, except for those who have already been evicted.

Will Ari get his holiday to France? We guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

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