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Big Brother Australia 2021 winner LEAKED

From the diary room to the trophy room!
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Big Brother Australia 2021 is nearing its end, and we have some intel as to who takes out the competition.

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Big Brother Australia is down to its final four housemates: Marley Biyendolo, Ari Kimber, Christina Podolyan and Sarah Jane Adams. Now, SportsBet and Tab have predicted who will be the last ones standing.

According to both sites, the alleged Big Brother top three includes basketballer with a heart of gold Marley, flight attendant Christina and jewellery designer Sarah Jane. 

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Your Big Brother winner may have just been leaked. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Currently, both sites list Marley as their number one – with a 1.62 from Sportsbet and 1.50 from TAB – followed by Christina and then SJ.

And, really, if we wanted anyone to win this season, it’d be Marley. The basketball pro who has competed at Madison Square Garden has had a rough ride in life. After losing his mum to cancer, the 26-year-old is hoping to win the cash prize of $250,000 to help his dad.

“Mum gave me one thing to do and that was to look after dad,” he said in his housemate reveal video. “I can hear her voice in my head telling me to go for it and win this whole thing. I’ll do anything to get to the end.”

Marley has since paid further tribute to his parents in an emotional Instagram post. 

Marley is predicted to be one of the finalists of Big Brother Australia. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“You two are the only reason I’m in here. The only reason I keep fighting day in & day out,” the 26-year-old wrote. “I’m not even talking about in this game, in life.. All I’ve ever wanted to do is give you both the world, thats it. And I won’t stop until I do, I can promise you that.”

While Marley is beloved within the house, it’s safe to say the other predicted finalists have ruffled a few feathers.

From evictee Jess Trend dishing on her un-aired clashes with Christina, to Mitchell Spencer confessing he had a “really crappy” relationship with Sarah Jane, it seems that Marley has had the least amount of housemate feuds while under Big Brother’s regime. 

And yet, even the popular kid can’t escape drama from time-to-time. 

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After Marley placed his alliance buddy Mary Kalifatidis up for eviction, the cook was not too happy. The basketballer justified his decision by saying he thought she would be a safe vote. But, in the end, Mary was sent packing, leaving Marley distraught.

To further add salt to the wound, upon her brutal exit from the house, Mary did the rounds hugging her fellow housemates and completely missed Marley. 

Following her eviction, Mary confessed to New Idea that she was “hurt” at the time everything played out.

“I guess I was hurt when he put me up because I left and I was doing everything in my power to save him,” she dished. “Even the day before when Sarah Jane wanted me to go with Danny and vote Marley out, Danny gave me his hand to shake on it, I walked away and said I’d prefer to go home than to abandon my people at this point when they need me.”

But it seems that no one can stay mad at Marley, as Mary now has nothing but praises to sing about the basketballer. “This is the thing about Marley; he’s loyal, he has integrity, he’s a man of his word.” 

Who do you think will take out the competition? (Credit: Channel Seven)

It’s interesting to note that while these odds don’t outright confirm who makes it to the finale, Big Brother was prerecorded up until the top three and filmed back in October, meaning the finalists have already been decided.

Whether Sportsbet and TAB have got it right is yet to be seen, but what we can say with confidence is that the winner will be decided by a public vote.

This article originally featured on our sister site, Who. 

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