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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Mitchell reveals the one housemate he had a “really crappy” relationship with

What we saw on screen was far from the truth.
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Big Brother’s house is getting quieter and quieter as more and more contestants have been sent packing.

Latest to be evicted was nature-loving animator Mitchell Spencer who had quite the rough night after arriving to his eviction late due to being trapped in a cage.

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After one of Big Brother Australia’s biggest threats Tilly Whitfield won another nominations challenge, the communications student placed Sid, Sarah Jane and Mitchell up for eviction.

Despite his emotional pleas to be saved, in which he compared his fellow housemates to his favourite birds, the 26-year-old didn’t manage to win over his roomies and they sent him flying from the Big Brother house.

While we bore many bird references weaved into tonight’s episode, especially on the animator’s date with “hopeless romantic” Christina, Mitch confesses that his edit is a bit of a “stitch up” and what we saw on screen is simply not how things went down… in more ways than one.

Mitchell Big Brother
Big Brother’s Mitchell has claimed that what we saw on screen isn’t actually how things went down. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“They show me talking a lot about platypuses and birds on my date with Christina and that was not the case at all.” Mitchell tells New Idea. “That date went for about three hours; I talked about birds and platypuses for about five minutes because she asked me.

“And then the rest of the date was literally about her – me asking her questions – so I’m sure they stitched me up in that department.”

While Mitch admits that he and Christina are purely platonic now, he reveals that his stint on Big Brother certainly hasn’t damaged his love life… in fact, it’s done quite the opposite.

Speaking of the televised date, the animator explains that the idea was planted in his head by other contestants and that he merely agreed to it as he “thought it was hilarious” and would grant him some “air-time”. But, in the end, the date was the best thing that could have happened for his love life.

“It worked in my favour; I’ve got heaps of girls hitting me up now in the inboxes.” he laughs.

mitchell christina big brother
Mitchell and Christina didn’t work out, but considering Mitch has had plenty of women reach out to him, we don’t think he’s too cut up about it. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The 26-year-old goes on to admit that, while he thinks the producers wanted to keep his character as the “nice guy”, he was actually “scheming and planning” with Daniel’s alliance quite a lot.

“It seemed like I wasn’t really doing much, like I was floating around, but I wasn’t really floating at all. I seemed like a bit of a weak player.”

And that’s not the only thing Big Brother failed to show us, Mitchell has also dished on one particularly bad relationship he had with a certain housemate. And it’s not the same enemy as every evicted contestant so far.

big brother sarah jane
Mitchell claims he and Sarah Jane had a “crappy relationship” in the house. (Credit: Channel Seven)

While real estate agent Daniel has ruffled a few feathers since joining the house, Mitch vouches for the guy, calling him “one of the kindest people (he’s) ever met”.

“He’s such a nice dude and they’ve depicted him as this crazy villain and, sure, he’s a crazy player in the game but he always gave me quite great advice when I was in the house. The bloke’s been sober 20 years and he’s just got these incredible stories.”

And yet, the same character reference cannot be given to another key player, whom Mitchell really struggled to gel with.

“I had a really crappy relationship with SJ (Sarah Jane) in the house.” Mitch tells New Idea.

“It started off nice, but I didn’t really get along with her well and they didn’t show that at all – me talking about her in the diary room or anything like that.”

When it comes to Sarah Jane’s right-hand girl, Katie, Michael is equally as wary.

The bird-lover deems the 27-year-old as “manipulative”, particularly when it came to his eviction, and it’s for this reason he doesn’t want her to win. He’d rather see Tilly take out the top prize, confessing he “adores” the communications student.

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