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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Michael reveals Sarah Jane’s BIG act

The social media star pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.
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Big Brother Australia 2021 has kicked into gear and the task master has no qualms getting rid of housemates before really getting to know them first.

His latest victim was marketing consultant Michael Brown who had barely got his bearings of the revamped digs before he was sent packing.

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During tonight’s episode of Big Brother, the housemates were divided into two teams: red and blue. After the blue team were victorious, they put up Michael, Mary and Tilly for eviction.

Mother of MAFS’ Martha Kalifatidis Mary was immediately safe due to her incredible cooking skills, while communications student Tilly’s emotional pleas won over her fellow housemates, securing her spot.

As a result, 29-year-old Michael was put well and truly on the chopping block. And he admits that the way it happened was the “worst-case situation” for him.

michael big brother
Michael was the latest housemate to be sent packing. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I had a feeling I was going to be up but I never thought it would be against Tilly and Mary; that was my worst-case situation.”

He goes on to describe Mary as his “rock” and the “mother of the house”, whereas 21-year-old Tilly he considers to be an “expert in so many different areas” deeming her “the most out there, crazy, insane person in a good way”.

But, unfortunately for Michael, the other housemates seemed to agree with his assessment of his fellow nominees as they saved them from eviction, forcing the marketing consultant out of the competition.

In hindsight, Michael confesses he “should’ve done a Daniel” to try and save himself from elimination.

“In the scramble I do wish I’d tried to make firmer deals,” he tells New Idea. “I should’ve done a Daniel and made some deals.”

The ex-housemate goes on to describe the one saving-grace scheme he backed out of at the last second which was to be an attempt to lengthen his stay in the house.

Michael big brother
“I should’ve done a Daniel and made some deals.” (Credit: Channel Seven)

“One thing I really wanted to do with Mitch which I backed out of at the last moment was, Mitch is very passionate about conservation – and that’s an area I’m very interested in as well – and he had this dream to buy land from the Daintree rainforest and secure it from development; I had this plan to pull him aside and say ‘hey, if you don’t vote for me I’ll guarantee you $50,000 of the prize money,'” he explains. 

“I don’t know why I backed out of it, but I should have made crazy moves like that because other people were making crazy moves; they had their own agendas and they were rallying against me and ultimately one vote was in it.”

Speaking of agendas, Michael confesses that not everyone is exactly as they appear in front of the watchful eye of Big Brother.

The marketing consultant dishes that house-favourite Sarah Jane was playing “quite a firm game” right from the get-go, and he had no idea.

big brother sarah jane
Michael confesses he was shocked to learn that Sarah Jane was scheming from the get-go. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I was a bit surprised that so early on (Sarah Jane) was having those discussions;” Michael tells New Idea.

“When I first met her I thought ‘wow this game is going to be rough for her, what has she got herself into?’. Little did I know she was playing the game from the get-go. But good on her.”

The 29-year-old goes on to reveal the full extent of what SJ kept hidden from her fellow contestants.

“I also remember SJ saying she doesn’t watch TV, she doesn’t really use social media, she just does her own thing. But then I get out of the house and I was so shocked that she had this huge social media following and I was like… ‘what is this SJ?’.”

In terms of who Michael is gunning for to reach the finish line, the marketing consultant is placing his hopes on his “brothers” Chris and Marley, as well as mother figure Mary. But there is one person he does not want to take out the top prize.

big brother daniel
Michael is not too keen to see Daniel take out the competition. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Much like fellow evictee Max, Michael does not want, who he deems, “public enemy number one”, Daniel to win Big Brother.

“I think Daniel played a very obvious game, a very intense game, and good on him for that, he was a master salesman. But I do think he had a strong hand in my downfall so just as petty payback I would say I don’t want Daniel to win.”

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