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EXCLUSIVE: Why Big Brother’s Max was “disappointed” in ex Katie

He would have never done this to her.
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Big Brother is back on our screens and we’ve barely put faces to names before the taskmaster has starting kicking housemates out.

The first contestant who was sent packing tonight was Gold Coast ironman Max who was eliminated in the most unfortunate of circumstances.

WATCH: Big Brother exes Katie and Max both enter the house

After just missing out on winning Big Brother’s first ever nominations challenge, losing to fellow housemate Renata, Max, 29, was nominated for eviction along with Christina and Melissa.

It was housemates Daniel and Nick who were tasked with choosing who was to leave the house after being given a secret mission by Big Brother himself. The boys had the option of not selecting anyone; however, wanting to eradicate one of the biggest threats once and for all, Daniel chose to eliminate Max.

The remaining housemates were not too happy with Daniel’s decision, Nick telling his bunker-buddy “that was pretty harsh, hey?”.

An unbothered Daniel replied with, “That’s the way it goes… I’m the king of the jungle.”

Max has since revealed the worst part about the way he was eliminated from the revamped Big Brother digs.

Big Brother Australia 2021 Max
Max’s Big Brother journey was short but mostly sweet. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I knew (Daniel) was going to (vote me out) and that was the worst part.” Max tells New Idea. “I just had to sit there for the cameras for the next half an hour to basically get voted out.”

Despite Max’s Big Brother experience being unfortunately short, it was made a bit sweeter by the addition of a familiar face in the house.

The ironman was shocked to see his ex-girlfriend, former Australian Ninja Warrior star, Katie Williams, in Big Brother’s labyrinth.  

What could have been an incredibly awkward situation was diffused by the fact the exes remain on great terms. “Katie and I dated a lifetime ago. We’re good friends. It was cool to have a familiar face.” Max explains.

Regardless of their friendship, neither housemate knew that the other was entering the house prior to going in. Though Max admits that in the end he wasn’t too surprised to see Katie there.

“If you know Katie it’s pretty on-brand for her do something like this.” Max says. “So after that initial shock factor I was like yeah this kind of makes sense.”

However, as is the way of Big Brother, strategy can often come before friendships. And Max confesses that one part of Katie’s game plan was a tough pill to swallow.

Big Brother Australia 2021 Katie mAX
Max was shocked to see his ex-girlfriend Katie in the Big Brother house. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“Katie said she might not keep me in.” Max explains. “I felt disappointed that she wouldn’t keep me in, like I never would have voted her out in a million years. When we had that conversation where she was like ‘I don’t know who to vote for’ I was a little bit hurt.”

But it wasn’t just a former romantic partner sharing a house with Max, there was also a potential new flame.

Max’s fast and close bond with flight attendant Christina certainly got fellow housemates talking. However, the ironman is ready to put those rumours to bed.  

“It wasn’t really anything really romantic at all. She was just a cute girl in a house. In a different world, maybe, but I don’t think so.” Max tells us.

As for who he wants to take out the competition, the 29-year-old isn’t too fussed… just as long as it’s not one person in particular. And we bet you can guess who it is.

Big Brother Australia 2021 Max Christina
Housemates noticed some chemistry between Max and Christina. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I just don’t want Daniel to win.” Max confesses.

While he goes on to name Mitch, Nick, Sarah Jane and Katie as housemates he’d love to see take out the competition, he doesn’t mind who the last one standing is, provided it’s not the guy who eliminated him.

“Anyone but Danny would be cool.” he says.

The silver lining is that Max was voted out for being a threat and not for being unpopular with the rest of the housemates.

And he tells us as such: “I didn’t get voted out because I was hated, I got voted out because one guy was scared, that’s all”.

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