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The Bachelor Australia 2021 winner has been revealed!

Congrats to the happy couple!
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The Bachelor Australia 2021 has come to an end and a very special woman has landed the pilot, Jimmy Nicholson.

WATCH: The Bachelor Australia finale: Jimmy chooses Holly in the finale

The winner of The Bachelor Australia 2021 is Holly Kingston.

Jimmy declared his love for Holly after a stunning date at Uluru in the Northern Territory.

“Holly, when I think of a future with you, it’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s passionate. You make anything we do incredible and you light up any room you’re in… I can’t wait to experience all of these things with you,” the pilot said, before presenting her with a glistening Larsen Jewellery ring.

Holly immediately captured Jimmy’s eye after she took him on a single date moments after they met. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Holly’s win will come as no shock to Bachie fans. Not only did the dress theory predict her victory, viewers pegged the marketing manager as the winner right from the get-go.

After Holly received the quintessential “winner edit” in the first episode, viewers flocked to Sportsbet to, naturally, place their bets on the 27-year-old.

Even the show’s alum seemed certain Holly had captured Jimmy’s heart.

“Calling it right here. In for the win,” Chelsie McLeod, the winner from Matt Agnew’s season, wrote on Instagram as she shared a clip of Holly’s entrance.

“Winner winner chicken dinner,” Megan Marx, who was on Richie Strahan’s season, also said of Holly.

Bella Varelis, the runner-up from Locky Gilbert’s season, also shared a clip of the 27-year-old and said: “My girl got the magic music.”

Brooke caught Jimmy’s eye, and stomach, by bringing him a Sri Lankan love cake on their first meeting. In the end, it just wasn’t meant to be. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Placing runner-up was Brooke Cleal who left the show temporarily after the sad death of her beloved grandfather. Right before the occupational therapist left the mansion, Jimmy told his family that she held top spot.

But upon Brooke’s return, issues regarding incompatibility began to spring up.

After learning more about Jimmy’s piloting roster, the 27-year-old began to have doubts about just how much time she would have to spend apart from Jimmy, explaining she was “dependent” when it comes to relationships.

Upon being rejected by Jimmy, an emotional Brooke questioned why he took her all the way to the end just to break her heart, before suggesting that maybe the pilot wasn’t the guy for her as she needed someone who was willing to “take risks”.

Despite being given the key to the business lounge during the first cocktail party, Jay failed to capture Jimmy’s heart. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Coming in third place was Jay Lal who, despite being given the key to the business lounge on the first episode, failed to make a strong enough connection with Jimmy.

Throughout her time in the mansion, Jay was accused of secretly wanting to place runner-up, as well as secretly not wanting children. And then there was the bombshell that she had previously dated the NZ Bachelor.

When asked if she thought Jimmy would have picked her if it wasn’t for the rumours, Jay told New Idea that she wasn’t sure.

“I like to think that without them, Jimmy would have picked me but I don’t know, but I do think they definitely tarnished our relationship.”

“It was really, really good; we had such a good relationship and then I could see doubt creeping into his mind and at that point I was like ‘Oh yeah, he’s definitely slowly going off me’, I could kind of tell.”

WATCH: Jimmy Nicholson speaks about his dating history

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Well, it may not have been Brooke or Jay’s love story, but it is certainly Jimmy and Holly’s. Congrats to the happy couple!

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