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When love doesn’t take off! Everyone who has left The Bachelor mansion

They didn't receive a rose but they did receive Osher's consoling voice in their ear.
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Pilot Jimmy Nicholson has officially boarded the Bachelor mansion and is ready for his love life to take off. 

With 23 beautiful women but always fewer roses to choose from, Jimmy must quickly decide how he wants to distribute the flowers week in and week out.

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Queue – the rose ceremony. With its anthemic music, pointed zoom ins and dramatic soundbites of women claiming they ‘simply don’t trust pilots!!’, there’s never a shortage of suspense built as viewers learn whose time in the mansion is up.

Once Jimmy has made his decision it is, of course, up to The Bachelor god Osher to break the news to the eliminated contestants. And, boy, has he nailed his sympathetic whisper over the years.

So who has had to return Osher’s consoling tone with an understanding smile before they pack their bags and exit the competition for good? Scroll down to find out.

Lauren was first to have Osher’s consoling voice in her ear. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Lauren Jenkins

During the first cocktail party of the season, Lauren, 29, didn’t receive Jimmy’s rose, prompting Osher to appear from the shadows and break the sad news in that ever-so dulcet tone.

“How could you not smile when surrounded by a group of such incredible women?! Every single one smart, funny, strong and beautiful. Jimmy certainly has a type!” Lauren wrote on her Instagram.

Annabelle left the mansion first along with Lauren. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Annabelle O’Regan

Along with Lauren, 28-year-old medical equipment installer Annaeblle O’Regan didn’t get to spend long in the bachie mansion before having to wave goodbye.

“Queen of the friend zone strikes again,” Annabelle wrote on her Instagram. “Knew it would be a turbulent ride as soon as he said he didn’t like early mornings or camping.”

Jacinta Boys wasn’t lucky in love this time around. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jacinta Boys

Jacinta missed out on a rose during the second ceremony, cutting the executive recruiter’s reality TV journey short. But there’s always Bachelor In Paradise!

“Turns out, there’s only room for one Jacinta,” the 29-year-old joked on Instagram. “This is the only time I’ll ever be sad to hear Osher say my name. What an experience, peace out!”

Sparks did not fly between Jimmy and the criminal lawyer. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Belinda Robinson

After getting too close for comfort with Jimmy at the iconic bachie photoshoot, Belinda did not manage to win over the pilot’s heart and ended the night without a rose.

“So beyond grateful for this incredible once in a lifetime opportunity,” Belinda wrote on Instagram. “I met the most inspiring, strong, intelligent, brave, beautiful, kind women who will forever be life-long friends.”

The flight manager’s romance with Jimmy just didn’t take off. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Chanel Tang

Despite making quite the impression when she entered the mansion, flight manager Chanel’s love story with Jimmy just didn’t take off and the 34-year-old was sent home rose-less.

“No need to point out the exits Jimmy…I got this covered,” Chanel wrote on her Instagram. “Beyond grateful to have shared this experience with such an amazing group of women. Jimmy, no matter who you end up with at your final destination, you are one lucky man.”

Maddy formed different kinds of connections while in the mansion. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Madison Allen

Maddy also didn’t receive a rose from pilot Jimmy, but the 24-year-old marketing manager formed some other valuable connections while in the mansion.

“I may not have gotten my love story with Jimmy, but I did fall in love with the incredible ladies that I was lucky enough to share this journey with!”, Maddy wrote on Instagram. 

She’s happy with her consolation prize. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Hannah Norman

Hannah was unlucky in love this time around, but the registered nurse is happy with her consolation prize.

“I may not have received a rose but Osher whispering my name was just as good,” the 26-year-old wrote on Instagram. “This has been a once in a lifetime experience. Even though I didn’t walk away with love, I’ve walked away with life long friendships.”

Tamlyn found love of a different form while in the mansion. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Tamlyn Hoskins

Along with Hannah, Tamlyn didn’t receive a rose and was sent packing from the mansion, but she’s found love “of a different form”. 

“I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this experience with anyone other than these kind-hearted, resilient, beautiful and strong women,” the 25-year-old wrote on Instagram. “I entered #thebachelorau mansion in the search for love and I found it…just in a bit of a different form.”

It wasn’t meant to be for her and Jimmy. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Elena Wee

Elena missed out on a rose during one of the most unconventional rose ceremonies to date, which saw all the women and Jimmy dress up like a wild animal. The personal trainer was booted from the mansion while wearing a monkey suit, and she explained it wasn’t exactly how she envisioned things going down.

“I must say this is not exactly how I had pictured my departure from the mansion. 1. The shock of not receiving a rose 2. Followed by rejection 3. Dressed in a monkey suit and 4. All captured on national TV. REALLY?? WOW hahaha But honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never take life too seriously and my exit is a perfect analogy of that,” the 33-year-old wrote on Instagram.

Ashleigh just wasn’t the one for Jimmy. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Ashleigh Freckleton

After Ashleigh won the compatibility test and received one-on-one time with the bachie, sparks didn’t really fly, prompting Jimmy to make the hard decision to send the speech pathologist home before the rose ceremony.

“I appreciate the raw honesty of someone looking me in the eye and telling me the uncomfortable truth: ‘I’m just not feeling it.’ It might sting, but I’ll take that kind of candor over ghosting any day of the week…,” the 28-year-old wrote on Instagram.

She upped and left. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Tatum Hargraves

We have our first Bachelor walk out of the season! In a move that shocked everyone, including the producers, Tatum decided Jimmy wasn’t the guy for her and left mid cocktail party.

In a lengthy Instagram post following her departure, the company director wrote, “When I realised my feelings weren’t progressing I came to the conclusion that mutually there is no chemistry between us.

“I respectfully don’t want to waste my time, nor Jimmy’s or take any time away from the women inside the mansion… Jimmy, thank you for your time and thank you for wanting to get to know me. You were a true gentleman throughout this whole experience. I truly hope you find what we both came here looking for.”

It wasn’t her love story. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Stevie Grey

Despite Tatum leaving earlier in the night, the rose ceremony went ahead as planned. And it was Stevie who, unfortunately, was sent packing from the mansion.

“My time in this incredible mansion has unfortunately come to an end on the + side I get to walk away with my head held high and leave wearing this incredible dress. I will be forever grateful for the memories I have made but most of all cherish the incredible friendships I have grown along the way,” the hair stylist wrote on Instagram.

Sierah had one of the most iconic bachie exits to date. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Sierah Swepstone

After failing to receive a rose from Jimmy, Sierah had one of the most iconic bachie exits to date. As the car drove away from the mansion, the 28-year-old uttered a backseat monologue to rival maybe even that of Abbie Chatfield’s during Matt Agnew’s season.

“I had an inkling Jimmy wasn’t into tall, horny bogans,” she said. “Any guy would be lucky to have me. If Jimmy couldn’t see that, that’s a ‘him’ problem.”

Rebekah made the bold decision to bow out of the competition on her own terms. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Rebekah Modernel

During the rose ceremony, Rebekah made the bold decision to bow out of the competition on her own terms and said that her fellow contestants were the ones who got her through the tough times in the mansion.

“Top 9 was no easy feat! I honestly didn’t think I would make it past the first week after I met all the incredible women in the mansion,” she penned on Instagram.

“EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. taught me something different and backed me more than I backed myself. The support I received from the women in the mansion is something I’ll never forget. They’re all remarkable, intelligent, independent and capable, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the bachie class of 2021.”

She made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of pilots from the get-go. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Stephanie Lynch

She made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of pilots from the get-go, but after an awkward meeting with Jimmy’s mum, Steph was asked to leave.

“It should be illegal to look this good while crying,” she jokingly captioned a photo of herself crying to Jimmy at her final cocktail party.

“Hard to believe it wasn’t me at the end, I know… Thank you to everyone who supported my journey and came along with me for the ride – family, friends & strangers alike. Big props (ha ha geddit) to my pilot friends for tolerating my non-stop slander of the profession hahaha (I love you all, truly). Thanks @thebachelorAU for having me – it’s certainly been an experience I won’t forget anytime soon! Back to Azeroth I go..”

Tahnee was adamant Jay said she hoped to be runner-up, but the pilot chose Jay in the end. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Tahnee Leeson

Tahnee was adamant that Jay had said she was hoping to take the runner-up position to further her career, but in the end Jimmy chose Jay.

Though she came out of the show with love and respect for herself and the friends she made on the show, Tahnee confessed on Instagram that she and Jimmy’s “incredible connection” was one of friendship.

“The respect I have for that man far outweighs the feelings I had and that’s the best scenario I could have imagined my ending to be. From the bottom of my heart I am so happy for @jimmynicholson and whoever he ends up with,” she penned on Instagram.

She’s certainly been a crack-up this season. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Laura O’Laughlin

Our hearts broke when Jimmy dodged a kiss from her on their single date, but we bet the hilarious Laura is moving on to bigger and better things!

“What an adventure that was! I may not have walked out of this experience with a relationship but I’ve gained some incredible friendships,” she wrote on Instagram, giving shout outs to her closest friends still in the competition, Jay and Ash.

“Jimmy, James, Jimothy. I might not have been your number 1, but I truly hope you’ve found the woman you deserve! ❤️ Thanks for all the laughs, the dozen or so roses & putting up with my ✨enthusiasm✨ for so long!”

Ash has said goodbye to the mansion. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Ash Lawson

She had a strong connection with Jimmy but, in the end, dance teacher Ash failed to get a rose in one of the final rose ceremonies.

“Sometimes it’s not about the fairy tale ending, sometimes it’s about the story. I might not have found love but I did find some amazing people whilst trying. I know I was true to myself & that’s all I wanted to be, raw, real & respectful,” Ash wrote on Instagram.

It was the end of the road for Lily and Jimmy’s love story. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Lily Price

Sparks certainly flew when Lily rocked up to the first cocktail party fashionably late in a crane, but the 23-year-old sadly missed out on a rose and a spot in the final four.

In an interview with New Idea, Lily revealed that the toughest part of the reality show was staying true to herself when, according to the 23-year-old, others weren’t doing the same.

“The hardest part for me was continuing to be open and genuine when you knew at times some people weren’t. But I just stayed true to myself and I had some really good friends and we all just sort of leaned on each other and were genuine.”

In the end, it just wasn’t meant to be for Carlie and Jimmy. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Carlie Hodges

Jimmy was immediately taken by Carlie’s smile but, in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be for the corporate lawyer and the pilot.

But, despite the heartbreak that comes with not receiving a rose, the 33-year-old is viewing her time in the mansion as a learning experience.

Having your whole character and personality under the magnifying glass is really daunting, but I learnt so much about who I am as a person and who I am, and want to be, in a relationship. I’m really proud of myself for being just me, including all the vulnerable and daggy bits!” Carlie wrote on Instagram.

Despite receiving the key to the business lounge during the first episode, Jay failed to win Jimmy’s heart. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jay Lal

Despite Jay receiving the key to the business lounge on the first episode, in the end, the chess player failed to receive a rose from Jimmy.

Throughout her time in the mansion, the 31-year-old was accused of secretly wanting to place runner-up, as well as secretly not wanting children. And then there was the bombshell that she had previously dated the NZ Bachelor.

When asked if she thought Jimmy would have picked her if it wasn’t for the rumours, Jay told New Idea she wasn’t sure.

“I like to think that without them, Jimmy would have picked me but I don’t know, but I do think they definitely tarnished our relationship.

“It was really, really good; we had such a good relationship and then I could see doubt creeping into his mind and at that point I was like ‘Oh yeah, he’s definitely slowly going off me’, I could kind of tell.”

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