EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Lily dishes on the unaired “tension” in the mansion

"A lot of it builds up and then it spills over when the cameras are out."
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The Bachelor Australia is down to its final four after saying goodbye to front runners Lily Price and Ash Lawson in last night’s episode.

Originally predicted to be taking out third place, according to Sportsbet, Lily just fell short of making it to hometown visits, with Holly Kingston, Brooke Cleal, Jay Lal and Carlie Hodges making it to the final four.

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Lily, 23, made quite the entrance during the premiere episode of The Bachelor. The crane operator rocked up fashionably late to the cocktail party in, you guessed it, a crane, making quite the impression on Jimmy.

From what we saw on-screen, there was clear chemistry between the two. And, according to the 23-year-old, the pair had even more moments off screen that we didn’t see.

“There has been a lot that hasn’t been shown,” Lily confesses to New Idea. “Jimmy and I wrote letters to each other in a cocktail party one time. A lot of my single date hasn’t been shown as well; we played basketball together. It was just really nice and genuine.”

Lily, who describes Jimmy as “charismatic, funny and down-to-earth” goes on to reveal that her favourite version of the Bachie is the one that viewers aren’t privy to.

Lily has confessed there are a lot of Bachelor moments that don’t make it to air. (Credit: Channel Ten)

“I think we see an extremely polished version of him but my favourite version of him is in between takes when we’re getting hair and make-up or something and he’s just chilling out. The real version of Jimmy, which I think only a few people will see, is my favourite because he’s just so natural.”

Speaking of moments we don’t see, the 23-year-old confesses there was plenty of unaired “tension” around the mansion.

“There’s definitely a lot of tension that surrounds the mansion when the cameras aren’t there. I think, honestly, that’s where a lot of it builds up and then it spills over when the cameras are out because that’s just natural; it gets to a point where it needs to come out.”

For Lily, the toughest part of the reality show was staying true to herself when, according to the 23-year-old, others weren’t doing the same.

Lily just missed out on hometown visits. (Credit: Channel Ten)

“The hardest part for me was continuing to be open and genuine when you knew at times some people weren’t. But I just stayed true to myself and I had some really good friends and we all just sort of leaned on each other and were genuine.”

This season has seen multiple women claim that their fellow contestants haven’t exactly been honest during the reality show.

It started with Tatum telling Jimmy’s family that she thought Holly was a different person around the Bachie. Later, Tahnee claimed that key holder Jay said she wanted to end up in second place to further her career.  

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Lily can certainly vouch for Holly and Tahnee, telling New Idea that, along with Carlie, she spent a lot of time with them while in the house, and they continue to talk every day.

“They are the same from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to sleep, so they’re extremely genuine.”

As for fellow frontrunner Brooke, last night’s episode made it seem as though she and Lily didn’t exactly get on while in the mansion. Lily confesses the editing in this regard is “fairly accurate”.

It’s thus no surprise that the 23-year-old wants Holly or Carlie to win Jimmy’s heart. And, despite not being picked, she bears the Bachie no ill will, telling us that “moving forward, he’s definitely set the bar very high”.

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