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Looking to shake up your beauty routine, but not sure where to start? It’s so exciting to try out new products, especially when you chance upon one that turns out to be absolutely perfect for you! But buying stuff willy-nilly isn’t ideal, since you might end up with a whole lot of product that you don’t like, or worse, allergic to.

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Fortunately, we have just the thing for you: beauty subscription boxes! These nifty sample boxes will let you try out different goodies for less, and they might just introduce you to your next favourite product.

What’s A Subscription Box?

If this is your first time hearing about subscription boxes, where have you been?

Subscription boxes have been around since the early 2000s and have become immensely popular since then. Basically, these boxes contain samples of different products that subscribers can try out. Samples are usually much smaller than the actual product, so if you don’t like them, not a lot will be wasted.

Also, they don’t cost as much!

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Woman excitedly opening cardboard box
Still looking for that perfect face mask, fragrance, or lippie? Beauty subscription boxes will solve all of that and more. (Credit: Getty)

You can sign up for different kinds of monthly subscription boxes online: beauty, gaming, and even snacks! Every month, you’ll receive a collection of new samples for you to try out. If you like them, great! You’ve just discovered a new product you never would’ve otherwise, which is why people love these boxes. If it isn’t your thing, it’s fine: you’ll have more to discover next month. 

Top Six Beauty Subscription Boxes in Australia

Want in? We’ve compiled some of the best beauty subscription boxes in Australia so you can join in on the fun.

Bellabox, $66.95 per quarter at isubscribe

Bellabox was founded by a group of young women who loved beauty products but didn’t have the time to scour the department stores for new finds. Your beauty box will contain at least five high-end beauty samples, meaning you can try new products without ever leaving the house.


Bellabox. (Credit: Bellabox)

LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box, approx. $30 per month at LOOKFANTASTIC

This beauty sample box has incredible products from the best brands around the world. Inside you’ll find beauty products always worth over $90, which definitely gives you a lot of bang for your buck.



Peony Parcel Self Care Box, $129 per month at isubscribe

Beauty isn’t just about cosmetics and skincare. It’s also about making sure that you take care of yourself: set aside some me-time and pamper yourself! Peony Parcel will let you do just that with its selection of beauty and lifestyle products. More than just trying new goods, it’s a reminder to step back and indulge in self-care every once in a while.


Peony Parcel Self Care Box
Peony Parcel. (Credit: Peony Parcel)

FaceTory 7 Lux Subscription, approx. $30 per month at FaceTory

It’s no secret that Korean skincare is where it’s at! Koreans are known for their 10-step skincare routine, and one of those steps is putting on a face mask, a super simple step that can do wonders for your complexion. FaceTory will give you at least seven face masks plus two free items and send them to you so you can enjoy hydrated and glowing skin.


FaceTory. (Credit: FaceTory)

Kinder Beauty Box, $26 per month at Kinder Beauty

Delivering up to $165 worth of hand-picked vegan and cruelty-free makeup, skincare and more right to your door each month, Kinder Beauty will ensure that your products are legit and of high quality.


Kinder beauty
Kinder Beauty. (Credit: Kinder Beauty)

Summer Essentials Box, $129 per box at Hardtofind

With over 15 full-size products valued at over $500, this Summer Essentials Box will help you navigate the summer season with ease. It also provides the perfect gift for someone who loves beauty products.


beauty box
Summer Essentials Box. (Credit: Summer Essentials Box)

Subscription boxes are super fun (and cheap!) ways to discover new products and keep your makeup and skincare routine fresh. Nothing beats the feeling of opening a present, which is essentially what you get when you buy a subscription box! Take the leap and sign up for one now – who knows, maybe that perfect product that you’ve been searching for is in next month’s box.

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