The Voice star Boy George reveals why he walked out

He explains the massive meltdown that went viral
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Remember when pop legend Boy George stormed off The Voice Australia in a four-letter fury, after a clash with a contestant?

The Culture Club singer has finally opened up to reveal the truth behind that viral moment, after the coaches got back together to reflect on the biggest moments from season eight. 


Cast your mind back to the blinds, and after George, Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland all turned their chairs for busker-turned-pop hopeful Daniel Shaw, the Culture Club singer asked him if he could play the guitar.

“I can play guitar but no one really cares if I play guitar,” Daniel replied, curtly.

Which was where George lost it, and said: “No one cares? I do. I think after that comment go with Delta” before storming off set. 

As production crew raced to find the angry coach, all that could be heard was his voice saying: “F*** off, don’t follow me.”

No one knew if he’d return to the show after he snapped: “I’m annoyed. He turns around and goes to me, ‘Who cares if I play guitar?’ That’s not cool. I’m not going back. F**k off.”

So, of course, when the coaches sat down after the finale to unpick the past few months on set together, everyone wanted to know exactly what had happened to make George storm off. 

“Where do you want to start with the scandals?” George asked the group. 

To which Delta replied: “You stormed out!” 

Kelly said she still didn’t know what happened – and it turns out, George can’t really explain his actions either. 

“I don’t either!” the sassy singer said, shaking his head and laughing.

Talking of his discussion with Daniel, who went on to chose Team Delta, and came runner up in the season finale, George said: “Cause I was like ‘Do you play guitar?’ and he was like ‘No one cares if I play guitar’ and I was like ‘Gulp, I care!’” pointing to himself, and laughing.

And in a final stroke of irony, this year’s The Voice Australia was won by Diana Rouvas, who was on Team George.

So much drama! 

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