Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian: Our love confession

Five-year secret EXPOSED!
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Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian are currently working together on The Voice, but five years ago they confessed they had actually dated one another.


At the time, the confessions caused huge dramas, with rumours swirling that the pair had an affair while Guy was with to his now-wife Jules, after Delta admitted that her ex-lover was a “good kisser”.

The former Australian Idol contestant was forced to set the record straight live on-air, telling Kyle and Jackie O: “Yes, Delta was my hall pass before
I knew her. She was then the hot chick on Neighbours for me.

“Later, when Jules and I had been broken up for about a year, I went on two dates with her.”

Despite owning up to Jules about his romance with Delta, Guy didn’t want the public to find out about it.

Sony Foundation River 4 Ward

“I fought to not have it come out that we went on some dates,” Guy spilled to WHO magazine. “I went to Denis [Handlin, Sony CEO] and said, ‘Denis, I’ve heard that they’re going to print something – do not let that happen.’ ’Cause I’d split up with Jules and I didn’t want her to get hurt by it. I didn’t want her to think I’m just off dating random people because we were only apart for like a few months.

”Guy and Jules weathered the storm, and the trio are now close.

“[Now] Delta is one of our great friends, so it’ll make some funny dinner table conversation again,” he says.

But despite declaring they are “great mates”, insiders aren’t sure how long that will last as tensions are believed to be escalating on-set with diva
Delta making it clear she is the top dog over Guy.

“Delta’s diva antics haven’t stopped this season,” an insider spills to New Idea. “All four coaches have huge Winnebagos and she demanded position one to be closest to the stage door.

“When this year’s promos dropped, it sent her into a classic Delta spin as Guy got top billing. It was explained to her the promos were to announce a new coach, but Delta wanted top billing as she sees herself as Voice Aussie royalty, having been there since day one of the popular show.”Delta’s antics behind the scenes have been an ongoing long-term issue.

“Her insecurity on The Voice with fellow coaches is legendary, but even more so now as they have signed a fellow Australian Sony Music artist.

“She sees herself as ‘top tier’ Sony and Guy as ‘second tier’, as he won a singing contest,” the source explains. “Delta and her management made calls to Channel Nine and made it very clear she wants top billing when new promos go to air.”

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