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EXCLUSIVE: The smart way Ethan ‘Hiccups’ Hall hid his Voice gig

Plus, he tells us why he chose now to audition for the singing competition.
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Ethan Hall captured hearts on Monday night’s episode of The Voice after performing classical hymn Pie Jesu by Sarah Brightman, earning himself four chair turns and ultimately joining Team Jess.

But this, of course, isn’t the first time we’ve seen the boy soprano.

WATCH: Ethan Hall battles hiccups to sing anthem at ball game

As the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandit baseball teams prepared to face off on Saturday November 21 in 2015, then-seven-year-old Ethan took to the pitch to perform the Australian National Anthem in what would soon become a viral sensation.

Not long after Ethan had sung the first note of Advance Australia Fair, he was interrupted by very persistent hiccups.

Ever the trooper, the seven-year-old persevered and finished the anthem to raucous applause and plenty of high-fives from the players.

The joyous footage from the game went viral, earning around 3.6 million views.

But that was just the start of Ethan’s career. With the ability to play the cello and sing in different languages, the talented soprano since went on to work alongside Kate Ceberano and Jessica Mauboy.

Ethan Hall earned four chair turns on The Voice. (Credit: Seven)

While Ethan is not one to be frightened of the stage, The Voice came with plenty of nerves for the 13-year-old.

“I don’t usually get nervous,” he tells New Idea. “But I haven’t done any competitions or anything like that. So it was a first and I was nervous for that.”

Luckily the nerves didn’t include any hiccups, which the soprano tells us he’s grappled with since he can remember.

“I’ve got the cure now,” Ethan muses. After attempting to skull water upside down, as well as hold his breath, it was Ethan’s mum, Kylie, that found the solution.

“On page 10 of Google we found pull down your ear lobes and drink water,” Ethan says. “And it works, but only with mum.”

“We got desperate one day,” Kylie adds. “I had both boys, Ethan and Toby my younger one, hiccupping. So we thought, we gotta try something, and it worked on both kids.”

Ethan persevered through hiccups during a performance of the national anthem in 2015. (Credit: The New Zealand Herald)

Now under control, there was no hiccup in sight for Ethan’s Voice performance, which successfully showcased his vocal range – much to the singer’s delight.

“I wanted to (audition) before my voice broke or drifted or lowered to show my high voice register,” he tells us.

Ethan certainly floored the judges with his performance, with all four coaches battling it out for the Adelaide local to join their team.

With his pick of the coach litter, Ethan selected Jess as his mentor.

“I’ve worked with her before in Sydney at an Australia Day concert,” he says. “I was hoping she could give me some tips to improve my voice a bit more.”

His audition being done and dusted came as a relief to the cellist, who had to keep his stint “as quiet as possible” from his friends prior to the air date.

Ethan also plays the cello. (Credit: Instagram)

After he featured in a sneak peek, the 13-year-old came up with a foolproof method to avoid questions from his peers.

“I had a zip emoji that I screenshotted on my iPad,” he explains. “So I was showing people that if they were asking me a question. I would just stop them and shove my iPad in their face.”

Once his blind audition aired, Ethan finally let the cat out of the bag and organised a function for his friends to unveil the news.

“Lots of my friends came over to this venue and we sat down with food and we watched the episode. I was first up and they just loved it. It was lots of fun.”

As he progresses to the next stage in the competition, Ethan emphasises that what we hear in his performances is unique to him.

“I don’t copy anyone else’s voices,” he says. “My voice is my own and I’m very proud to say that.”

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