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Inside Guy Sebastian’s family life with wife Jules and their two sons

They grow stronger and stronger everyday.
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National treasure Guy Sebastian has come a long way since he won the hearts of Aussies on Australian Idol in 2003.

By his side every step of the way has been his wife Jules Sebastian, who first met The Voice coach at a church group when they were teenagers.

WATCH NOW: Guy Sebastian says he’s “crazy proud” of wife Jules.

Guy, 42, and Jules, 44, fell madly in love with one another, eventually tying the knot in 2008 and welcoming two sons along the way.

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As they grow together, they admit they continue to discover new traits in one another that they find attractive.

The couple have been together since they were young. (Credit: Getty)

“I probably noticed his character and that he was a good person at the start but I probably didn’t know it in as much detail as I know now watching how Guy lives his life, how he interacts with people, his integrity, his patience, his professionalism,” Jules has previously shared with our sister publication WHO.

“All those things, I sort of subconsciously knew that was inside of him but it was never really brought to the surface until life really kicked off and all those things were put to the test and he really has just remained a good person at the end of it all. Not that we’re at the end of it all!”

Guy says Jules is an amazing mum. (Credit: Instagram)

For Guy, he has a lot of respect for how Jules has transitioned into motherhood – something that he hadn’t thought about much when it came to qualities he admired at the beginning of their relationship all those years ago.

“Jules was a tomboy growing up. You know how some women growing up are kind of like, ‘I just can’t wait to be a mum. That’s all I want, I want to be in the mum’s group, I want to wheel the pram in my workout gear and I want to be that person.’? Whereas Jules was petrified of it,” Guy tells of when they first got together.

Guy and Jules share two gorgeous boys. (Credit: Instagram)

He continued: “She understood it was a massive responsibility and I never heard the words ‘I want to be mum’ ever come out of her mouth because I think she was scared that she wouldn’t do a good job.”

As well as jam-packed careers, hardworking parents Guy and Jules juggle their responsibilities with parenting their two sons, Hudson, 12, and Archie, 10.

While they try to stay on the same page as much as possible, the pair admit that sometimes they disagree on the best way to parent their children.

All dressed up! (Credit: Instagram)

“If we do disagree on something, we try to have a private conversation about that and not discuss that in front of the children because then they’re kind of involved in the weakness of the whole situation,” Jules explains.

Guy emphasised one thing they would never do is fall into the “good cop/bad cop” trap.

“You naturally gravitate towards wanting to have them like you. So it’s tough when you’re just being that one parent that’s letting the other be the one that isn’t liked all the time,” he says.

Such a lovely family. (Credit: Instagram)

In March 2024, Guy revealed that he was “pretty lucky” to parent alongside Jules and that he saw her in a “completely different light” once she became a mother in an interview with KISS 97.3’s Robin and Kip.

“I always had heaps of respect for her, but then watching her be a mum and how relentless it is, like we don’t have nannies and things,” Guy admitted.

“We don’t have parents here in Sydney, both of our parents live in Adelaide, so it’s really hands-on and it’s relentless. There’s no break and I just think you get this admiration for your partner in a completely different way.”

In the same interview, the Battle Scars singer shared that his sons were his best friends, with Archie “massively into music” and Hudson enjoying many of the same sports Guy played when he was growing up.

Feeling festive. (Credit: Instagram)

He also made the surprise admission that neither he nor Jules ever felt particularly maternal, or were ever excited to have children of their own. 

“We always knew we would, but we weren’t, like, confident in the fact that we’d be good parents or whatever,” the father of two lamented candidly.

“It’s funny, I sort of think you always doubt yourself and you think, oh my God, I’m bringing human beings into the world. Like, I don’t even know if I can manage my own life, like, properly. How am I going to do it?”

Lucky for the pair, they seem to be doing a rather good job bringing their boys up in a love-filled home. 

Keep scrolling for Guy and Jules Sebastian’s cutest family moments…

April 2024 (Credit: Instagram)

In April 2024, their youngest son Archie turned 10. Jules shared a sweet message to Instagram. 

“Archie, you’ve been a ray of sunshine since the minute you were born,” she wrote.

“You are calm and kind to the core. The sweetest, happiest, most lovable human! Happy Birthday to you my little angel 👼🏼.”

January 2024 (Credit: Instagram)

“My little love hearts went back to school today and I missed them,” Jules wrote.

“What I didn’t miss was the early wake up call and making the lunches 🤯 Happy return to school week parents!”

January 2024 (Credit: Instagram)

A family trip to Japan! 

November 2023 (Credit: Instagram)

“Almost as tall as their Dad. Not quite as tall as LeBron 🤣🏀,” Jules captioned the post.

September 2023 (Credit: Instagram)

Guy with his boys on Father’s Day.

(Credit: Instagram)

We don’t see photos of all four of them together very often. They look so happy. 

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