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Osher slipped the Bachelorette winner on radio

MAJOR spoiler!
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The Bachelorette fans, look away! Presenter Osher Günsberg gave away the final two contestants on live radio on Wednesday morning in a major spoiler. 

WATCH: Osher slips MAJOR Bachelorette spoiler on radio 

It seems that Osher had mixed up his days as he was speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O show, and began discussing details of the finale, which doesn’t air until Thursday.

The final two suiters won’t actually be revealed to viewers until after Wednesday night’s episode. 

“It is the finale,” Osher began to tell Kyle and Jackie, who didn’t stop Osher from wading further into his mistake, before he revealed details of Angie’s decision making process and telling listeners she’d picked a “very different” finale two. 

Osher made a major spoiler on live radio on Wednesday (Credit: Getty)

As those who are watching the love stories play out on screen will know, the three remaining contestants are Timm Hanly, Ryan Anderson and Carlin Sterritt.

However, from Usher’s comments it’s almost obvious who the final two suiters are who’ll be in the finale episode. 

bach finale
Carlin, Timm and Ryan as still in the running – though perhaps not, after Osher’s comments on Wednesday (Credit: Instagram )

Osher slipped up when he was discussing how Bachelorette Angie Kent had handled the pressure of making her final decision.

“The emotions you see her feeling on screen are 100 per cent real, super authentic,” he said.

“She had quite a tumultuous time before the very end of it, actually. Tonight, that’s the tears you see. You see she’s torn. It’s the classic choice.”

Which is when he began talking in even more details about the finale episode, which was filmed earlier this year, instead of where the viewers are up to in the show. 

“It’s not like in some years where we have two kind of similar people right at the very end. These are two very different…”

Carlin is thought to be in the top two (Credit: Instagram )

Which is when Osher must have realised his mistake, and the phone line went dead. 

“He’s gone, he’s hung up!” said radio host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson. 

Adding: “It’s not the final tonight, is it, guys? It’s just the semi final, isn’t it? He thinks it’s the final tonight.”

Timm is expected to be in the finale (Credit: Instagram )

Osher’s comment about the final two being “very different” seemingly confirms that one of them must be long-haired larrikin Timm, who is quite unlike either of his rivals.

And fitness trainer and aspiring actor Carlin is expected to take the top spot – and Angie’s heart. 

Dog loving Ryan could be ousted ahead of the finale (Credit: Instagram )

The radio duo managed to get Osher back on air after his phone faux pas, however he didn’t take Kyle’s bait when he tried to get him to actually confirm the names of the finale two. 

Viewers will watch Angie send home either Ryan, Timm or Carlin in Wednesday night’s episode ahead of the finale on Thursday.

That’s tomorrow, Osher!  

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