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Wait till you see Bachelorette Ryan WITH hair

This is beyond!
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The Bachelorette fans have been left speechless after a throwback photo of frontrunner Ryan Anderson, 32, has been discovered – and he looks unrecognisable in the snap! 

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The photo shows Ryan aged just 19 sporting a full head of messy hair and an unexpected piercing underneath his bottom lip. 

Shared on Instagram fan account page BachieFunny on Monday, it wasn’t long before Bachelorette fans made their thoughts known. 

bachie ryan
Ryan looked so different when he was 19 (Credit: Instagram )

“Oh my god,” one stunned fan remarked. 

“Now I can’t unsee the hole in his bottom lip from the piercing,” commented another. 
Another said: “Like the before pic better.”
ryan anderson
Ryan is in the running for Angie’s heart (Credit: Channel 10)

Ryan shared the throwback photo to his own Instagram in 2014, writing in the caption: “In youth we learn; in age we understand. Lulu and I 10 years ago.”

Dog lover Ryan as he looks today (Credit: Instagram )

As The Bachelorette heads into its finale week, Ryan has come under fire after he confessed to Angie Kent that he had previously applied for Ali Oetjen’s season back in 2018. 

Angie shot daggers at the dog lover, saying she couldn’t understand why he would lie about his intentions.

“But why would you tell me, ‘I would never apply for a show like this unless it was for you?'” she asked.

Angie couldn’t believe Ryan had hidden the truth from her (Credit: Channel 10)
It turns out that Ryan had applied for The Bachelorette before (Credit: Channel 10)

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