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Angie Kent dumps Bachelorette winner

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From the very beginning, Angie Kent has said that above all else, she wants to find someone who makes her laugh. 

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So, The Bachelorette’s resident joker Timm Hanly seems to be the perfect guy for her.

The 27-year-old fireproofer from Melbourne, along with fitness trainer Carlin Sterritt, are the two men left competing for Angie’s heart.

And while Carlin has been tipped to win the final rose, a source reveals exclusively to New Idea that he wasn’t Angie’s first pick.

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Timm Hanly
“Brad told angie he wouldn’t approve if she picked timm …family comes first for Angie”

From the very beginning, we saw sweetheart Timm sweep the former Gogglebox star off her feet on the red carpet with a bunch of sunflowers, which Angie later revealed was a ‘sign’ from her late grandmother.

Since then, their connection has continued to blossom on screen.

“Timm can make anyone laugh whenever he wants and that’s what Angie is looking for,” a source explains.

“All the boys would agree that Timm had the strongest connection with Angie and on a chemistry level, he had it in the bag.”

Carlin Sterritt
Will Carlin win Angie’s heart?

However, while the lovable larrikin might have been Angie’s favourite to take home her final rose, a huge bombshell from her brother Brad during hometown visits forces the Bachelorette to reconsider her decision.

“Brad told Angie he wouldn’t approve if she picked Timm,” a source claims.

“It came as a shock but family comes first for Angie, so she ends up taking his advice. She trusts her brother knows what’s best for her.”

According to the source, Brad’s dislike for Timm stems from the first episode, when he entered the house as the ‘undercover brother’ to spy on the other boys.

Carlin Sterritt
Carlin and Angie enjoyed a single date early on in the season.

“Timm was saying some inappropriate things about Angie during the first cocktail party,” one contestant reveals.

“Even though Timm was just being Timm and joking around, they probably weren’t the type of things you would want to say in front of your girlfriend’s brother.”

When it was revealed that Brad wasn’t a contestant and was, in fact, Angie’s older sibling, Timm began freaking out and was certain he would be sent home that night.

Angie Kent
Angie because the Bachelorette in the hopes of finding “the one”.

“He knew he had talked badly about Angie and everyone from the start,” the contestant explains. “He was stressing and telling the boys, ‘I’m done here, lads’.”

However, despite Brad not being impressed with Timm’s foul mouth, the producers apparently didn’t want to lose one of their biggest personalities so early in the show.

His comments were swept under the rug and concealed from Angie but the truth is finally exposed behind the scenes, when Brad sees Angie during the hometown visits.

They told Brad he had to ignore it for now and that they would give him a chance to spill the beans to Angie later on and confront Timm if he made it to home visits,” a source explains.

“So, when they come face-to-face for the first time, it’s super awkward. He didn’t expect Timm to make it until the end.”

The shocking news from Brad is said to have left Angie so devastated, she starts to question whether Timm is really the one.

Could this be why Angie felt forced to drop her first choice on the show?

Does the bombshell from Brad see her dump the winning favourite, for Carlin?

The source says: “Everyone would say that Carlin is the perfect guy but really, Timm is the perfect guy for Angie.”

(Credit: New Idea)

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