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The Bachelorette’s Jamie labelled ‘creepy’ after shock move

What was he thinking?!
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On Thursday night, Bachelorette hopeful Jamie Doran went rogue by ignoring every other bach in the mansion, and interrupting Angie Kent and intruder Ryan Anderson as they were having some alone time at the cocktail party. 

WATCH: Bachelorette’s Angie Kent creeped out by Jamie’s shock move

Talk about awkward!

Poor Angie and Ryan were fully creeped out as Jamie approached them and explained he “wanted to sit in with both of them”.

bachelorette jamie creeps on angie
Ryan and Angie were creeped out at Jamie’s request

“Guys, this is going to sound like a bit of a curveball. I actually want to sit in with both of you,” he told the pair.  

“That’s a little bit creepy,” Angie said, freaked out by the request. 

And as the bizarre event unfolded, the other bachelors watched on in horror from the party. 

“Is he serious?” Ciarran Stott asked the other boys in disbelief. 

angie kent
Angie wasn’t impressed with Jamie interrupting her time with Ryan (Credit: Channel 10)

But Jamie had some explaining to, and so he gave it another shot. 

“I just want to explore some things about Yvie,” Jamie said.

“Why is that?” Angie asked. 

“Saying Ryan is the perfect guy for you, and I didn’t get time with Yvie,” he said. 

And once he started there was no stopping him: “She is your soulmate. For me, I know what she thinks of you and what you think of her, and it was really important for me to touch base with her.

“I didn’t get time with her, and I was quite upset,” Jamie said. 

“Er, yeah,” said Angie in disbelief at what was happening, before Ryan made it clear to Jamie to back off. 

jamie doran
Jamie’s actions backfired on Thursday night (Credit: Channel 10)

Fans of the show took to Twitter to vent about Jamie’s creepy behaviour, calling him out for making everyone feel uncomfortable. 

“Oh Jamie, no. Just no. No. No. No. Not cool. You’re making everyone uncomfortable. Just calm down and breathe. Maybe take a Valium or something. Eeek!” one said. 

Another wrote: “When a woman says the word “creepy” within 30 seconds of you arriving, that’s when you should jump into lava.”

“Jamie is acting so creepy,” one person insisted. 

“Did your mum never teach you two’s company, three’s a crowd,” another wrote. 

“I’ve dated five stage clingers like Jamie as well. Haha. They’re the ones that keep messaging years after the fact,” one person added.

At least Jamie seems to have taken it all with a pinch of salt, with the ex fireman taking to Instagram to share his thoughts on the events. 

Stage-five clinger? Stage-six clinger? The mansion villain? Get the popcorn ready for @bacheloretteau on @channel10au, & see which Jamie shows up tonight!” he posted, alongside a photo of himself ahead of the cocktail party. 

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