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The Bachelorette star shocks with bizarre nude scene

Angie couldn't believe her eyes!
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Ciarran Stott is making waves in The Bachelorette mansion with his bold looks and comedic behaviour – and on Thursday night he took things one step further in his quest for Angie Kent‘s attention by getting nude at her hens party. 

WATCH: Bachelorette’s Ciarran shocks with bizarre nude scene

Angie’s best pal Yvie Jones rocked up in a stretch limo to take the Bachelorette and her roosters on a hens night, and it was here on the group date that Ciarran decided to show everything he had to offer by getting fully naked. 

yvie angie
Yvie surprised Angie with a hens party group date (Credit: Channel 10)

Yvie had asked if any of the boys would like to volunteer to model for the group’s life drawing class, and ex-dancer Ciarran couldn’t say yes fast enough. 

The 25-year-old quickly got his kit off, and proudly stood in front of the group ready to inspire their artworks. 

ciarran nude
Ciarran wasn’t shy about getting naked to model for the art class (Credit: Channel 10)

Taking it all in his stride, the confident Englishman stood at the front of the giggling group, which included the other boys, as well as Angie and Yvie, and posed for their pleasure.

While Yvie admitted “no one could stop laughing”, she said they were all impressed by Ciarran’s positive determination, and it was clear he volunteered in a bid to win Angie’s affections. 

Ciarran was quick to get his kit off to impress Angie (Credit: Instagram )

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Yvie commended Ciarran’s bravardo.

“For someone to put their hand up that quickly, you’d want to be pretty confident,” she said.

“But he was OK, the boy came through … he probably stood there in a pose with his arm up in the air for maybe 20 to 30 minutes, but it was all very relaxed after the initial shock and laughter.”

“But you won’t see what we saw!

“There were cameras around us as they made sure he was covered up.”

Yvie admitted his bold move put him in well in the running for finding a way into her BFF’s heart.

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