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Bachelorette Angie Kent: $50,000 surgery splurge

What a transformation!
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When Angie Kent made her debut as the Bachelorette, she looked very different to the girl-next-door we met when she first graced our screens on Gogglebox in 2015.

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New Idea hears the 29-year-old underwent a glamorous transformation ahead of filming to ensure she looked her very best for her starring role.

According to a close friend, Angie may have even enlisted the help of a cosmetic surgeon for her makeover.

She went on a huge surgery spree prior to filming The Bachelorette,” a source dishes. “She wanted to look her very best when she met the man of her dreams – I mean, who wouldn’t!”

Channel Ten
(Credit: Channel Ten)

Angie’s makeover reportedly included under-eye fillers, lip fillers and Botox injected into her forehead and crow’s-feet. She also had eyebrow microblading, teethwhitening treatments and hair extensions put in, and she had a number of non-invasive laser facial treatments. The price tag of Angie’s expensive treatments could very well have exceeded $50,000!

To complete her makeover, Angie was also told by Network Ten to remove her nose ring.

She hated how tired and drawn she looked on I’m a Celebrity… and was worried she was going to look just as bad from the long and mentally exhausting days of filming,” a source said.

“With the spotlight solely on her, she wanted to put her best foot forward.”

Angie Kent
(Credit: Channel Ten/Myspace)

Angie may have had too much help, with contestants saying it was noticeable she’d “had work done”, and some describing her face during filming as “frozen’’.

In the past, Angie has been open about her love for Botox and skin treatments, telling the Daily Telegraph, “I love me some Botox and I have suffered with acne scars so I am all about getting skin treatments.”

My thoughts on plastic surgery are, if you are happy and doing it for yourself, go for it. But if you are trying to attract some type of person, I don’t think you should do it for that reason.”

And she’s not the only one to have a bit of work…

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Firefighter Jamie Doran had laser treatments and reportedly has regular help from Botox.
New Idea
(Credit: New Idea)

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