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The Bachelorette Ciarran’s plastic surgery admission

'I was proper self-conscious about it!'
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Ciarran Stott made quite the impression on The Bachelorette‘s Angie Kent from their first meeting, but on Wednesday night’s episode, the confident Englishman revealed he hasn’t always felt good about himself. 

WATCH: The Bachelorette’s Ciarran reveals he had a nose job

Ciarran’s confident arrival in a red suit with his flowing blonde locks gave the impression he’s always been self-confident, however the 25-year-old admitted to Angie he’s had a nose job as he was “self conscious” about it. 

During their one-on-one time after the group date, Ciarran opened up to Angie about his plastic surgery, admitting: “I had a nose job last year. I was proper self conscious about it.”

ciarran stott nose job
Ciarran admitted he’d had a nose job (Credit: Instagram )

Angie, who has been said to have spent $50,000 on cosmetic enhancements in the lead up to the show, was impressed with his honesty – and the end result.

“Well it’s a nice looking nose now,” she said.

Ciarran then joked: “Well it should be for the money that I paid for it.”

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Ciarran spoke in a piece-to-camera about the reasons why he’d decided to get a nose job. 

“So I got it all trimmed down and looking nice and schmick… the ladies love it now,” he said.

ciarran stripper
Ciarran admitted to Angie he was a stripper in the past (Credit: Facebook)

Ciarran’s revelation came just moments after he opened up about his past as a dancer and stripper.   

“I used to dance in a gay bar.., with, like, drag queens. It was carnage, but it was so much fun!” he told Angie. 

And his honesty went down well with Angie, who gave Ciarran a rose at the end of their date, so he was safe at the rose ceremony, which later saw the Bachelorette ditch Mitch after his mad ultimatum. 

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