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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Brent reveals what he really thinks about Tamara’s “pretentious” comments

"I was just really put off again."
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Brent Vitiello is one of the 16 Aussie singles looking for love on the new season of Married At First Sight Australia, and whether or not he finds that with his bride Tamara Djordjevic is still up in the air.

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While their wedding got off to a rocky start due to a snap judgement from Tamara, the couple managed to turn things around on their honeymoon.

Right as the pair were getting along and had managed to move into something more playful, they were hit with the next stage of the experiment; watching back Tamara’s audition tape.

Speaking exclusively with New Idea, Brent spills on his relationship with the “alpha bride,” who managed to once again shock her groom with her brutal honesty.

mafs brent tamara
Brent was paired with Tamara on Married At First Sight. (Credit: Nine)

“When I watched the tape, I was more disappointed because obviously, you had bits and pieces of that at the wedding,” he tells us. “You saw that side of Tamara, and obviously I didn’t like it.”

The audition tape in question features Tamara saying she didn’t want to be with someone who “doesn’t either have a good career or have no money.”

“If a guy wears fake designer clothes, if they drive a really ugly car and don’t have a good job or money, unfortunately, I’m just not interested,” she said in the tape.

Brent, who was sitting right beside Tamara as they watched on, was clearly unimpressed with his bride’s “pretentious” words.

mafs brent tamara
The new couple have already faced a few bumps in their relationship. (Credit: Nine)

“To get to a good level with Tamara and see her other side and really start enjoying it and then to see that audition tape, I was just really put off again,” Brent says.

While he was initially “disappointed by it all”, Brent managed to come around and give Tamara a chance to explain herself, and they were able to move past it.

“I had to knock myself out of that little state that I got in and just move forward to know that I’m starting to get to know the real Tamara and I still need to give that side a chance,” he explains.

“I had to just ensure that I don’t let the outside noise jump back in and still keep that mindset of wanting to win my wife over.”

mafs brent
Brent is determined to win his wife over. (Credit: Nine)

That same mindset is what got him through his on-screen nuptials, where Tamara was quick to judge Brent for his career, and also called him “average” in a piece-to-camera.

Now that he’s been watching the season unfold on the big screen, Brent was able to register those comments without the initial shock.

“It was a bit of a blow to hear all that stuff the first time, but the second time it wasn’t. It was more, I guess because I know Tamara now, it didn’t impact like it did the first time,” he says.

“It still shocks you when you hear it, but I was kind of giggling it off. So, it’s definitely not something you want to hear in the real world, it’s not something you want to hear from someone that you just married either.”

mafs brent dinner party
“It’s harder for my friends and family to hear the way certain things were said.” (Credit: Nine)

While he can laugh about it now, Brent admits it was still quite difficult to watch, especially when he was around friends and family.

“It’s harder for my friends and family to hear the way certain things were said,” he says.

“I’ve kind of come to terms with it, but they basically get very protective, so it’s kind of hard for them to listen to stuff like that being said about me.”

“But they’re supportive and I think just in their eyes, they were really just happy and proud of the way I kind of handled it.”

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