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Tamara, the self-described ‘alpha’, is ready to bring the heat on MAFS

The fiery bride is used to getting what she wants.
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A new season of Married At First Sight is upon us, and while we know the 16 singles who are taking on the experiment, one bride in particular has stolen the show.

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Operations manager Tamara Djordjevic has already proven to be one of the bigger personalities this season, describing herself as confident, sassy, and outspoken.

Judging by our first glimpse of the fiery bride on her wedding day, it’s clear that she’s a force to be reckoned with – and her groom will need to live up to her high standards.

“I love being the boss. It’s just naturally me,” Tamara said in a promo.”I judge everyone. I just meet people and I form an opinion.”

Tamara Djordjevic mafs 2022
Tamara is making her presence known this season. (Credit: Instagram)

The 29-year-old also considers herself to be “extremely fussy”, and won’t lower her standards for no one, which will certainly prove to be a challenge for her groom.

“I am used to getting what I want,” Tamara said. “I know what I want and what I deserve.”

“You might like things one way and I like them the other way, but my way has to be the right way,” the bold bride added.

Tamara Djordjevic mafs 2022
“I know what I want and what I deserve.” (Credit: Nine)

In her official Married At First Sight bio, Tamara is also said to be financially independent, successful in her career and incredibly ambitious.

Her dating history has seen guys do anything to impress her, but in the end, it never lasts. Now she’s hoping the experiment is her ticket to everlasting love.

But first, he’ll need to meet her standards, including keeping her attention as she usually finds herself getting “bored quickly” by guys she dates.

Tamara Djordjevic
Will she find what she’s looking for on MAFS? (Credit: Instagram)

When she isn’t searching for love, Tarama is based out of Queensland, and is a proud dog mum to her beloved pooch Zeus.

Her Instagram is also filled with plenty of bikini snaps by the pool, outings with her girlfriends, and plenty of dolled up selfies.

And if the experiment turns out to be a success, her Instagram posts may just feature a special someone. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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