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Meet all the brides and grooms of Married At First Sight!

22 new hopefuls are ready to fall in love.
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Anyone hear wedding bells? It’s that time of year again when 11 brides and 11 grooms head for the aisle to partake in Australia’s favourite social experiment – Married At First Sight

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This year, a cinema manager, makeup artist, pro wrestler, and more are all looking for love.

And like seasons before, three new intruder couples will make their way into the experiment, which never fails to shake things up.

So before things really kick-off in the experiment, get to know the brides and grooms below!


Tamara. (Credit: Nine)

TAMARA | 29 | Operations Manager | QLD

Self-assured, confident and sassy, Tamara describes herself as having an alpha personality. As someone who always tells people what she thinks of them – whether they’ve asked for her opinion or not! – this outspoken bride promises to be one to watch at the dinner parties.

“I will bust out doing the Worm at any occasion if I get one sip of champagne,” she laughs. Used to providing for herself, Tamara has high expectations for a partner – she doesn’t want to have to carry them. Her new husband will need to match her on all levels, and not be intimidated.

Selina (Credit: Nine)

SELINA | 32 | Hairdresser | SA

As a self-proclaimed black sheep of the family, Selina has fallen short in the eyes of her parents. Half Cambodian and half Chinese, her parents had expectations for her to become a doctor or lawyer. Instead, Selina left school early to pursue her passion for hairdressing. Ready to find love, Selina says the experiment is the only thing that can work for her.

“I was sick of being ghosted, and non-committal men on the dating scene,” she shares. “MAFS is a great way to meet your soulmate matched by three exceptional experts who guide you on how to build and maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships.”

Holly. (Credit: Nine)

HOLLY | 36 | Cinema manager | NSW

Brunette beauty Holly desperately wants to meet the love of her life so that she can finally realise her lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

After years of being unlucky in love, Holly thought she had finally met the love of her life, having fallen in love with not only him but his two kids, relishing the role of stepmum.

However, Holly was left devastated when he told her he didn’t want more children.

Selin. (Credit: Nine)

SELIN | 32 | Executive Assistant | NSW

Selin is a single mum to her 2-year-old son. Flying solo since her son was born, and with no time for dating while juggling motherhood and a career, Selin’s first date in three years will be her MAFS wedding day!

Selin’s work life has been a lot more successful than her dating life.

“I worked since I was 14 and nine months, and own three properties in NSW, VIC and QLD,” she reveals, adding: “I am proud of these achievements, hence why I am sharing.”

Selin is nervous and scared to be hurt, and is sacrificing a lot of time away from her young son to join the experiment.

Samantha. (Credit: Nine)

SAMANTHA | 26 | Fashion Brand Manager | QLD

Outgoing and ambitious, Samantha is a strong and independent spirit who is passionate about her career in fashion design. With a career that takes up so much of her time, Samantha finds little room left for meeting someone. So, for her to find the time and agree to a date – they need to be worth it!

While she’s ready for a brighter future, Samantha has regrets. “I regret going back to toxic men ‘just one more time’ and expecting a different result,” she tells.

Underneath her resilient exterior, Samantha is still scarred from having her ex cheat on her. Madly in love for four years, she thought they were on track to get married, only to discover his betrayal. Samantha was left devastated and with serious trust issues when it comes to men.

Domenica. (Credit: Nine)

DOMENICA | 28 | Makeup Artist | NSW

‘I’ve been married before!’

She may be petite, but makeup artist Domenica is outgoing, feisty … and passionate. Don’t expect the beauty guru to be holding back. Domenica has been married before – the relationship lasted four years, but the marriage lasted only two months!

“I did tell my ex-husband out of courtesy that I was coming into the experiment,” she tells New Idea, adding that she doesn’t regret anything about her past.

Ella. (Credit: Nine)

ELLA | 27 | Beautician | VIC

‘I’ve been single for nine years!’

 Adorned with tattoos, Ella is hot and edgy, but hasn’t been in a relationship for nine years! Ella loves love and is ready to find someone who will be her best friend.

When it comes to finding Mr Right, Ella reveals she’s after someone like Michael Brunelli from Season 6, but is open-minded.

“I think Australia will be pleased with my patience and understanding in uncomfortable situations,” she teases.

Olivia. (Credit: Nine)

OLIVIA | 27 | Teaching Student | NSW

‘Cheating is a big no!’

This blonde bombshell constantly finds herself dating the wrong guys. Her one deal-breaker? Infidelity!

“Cheating is a big no. Absolute deal- breaker and I’d hold the grudge until I die,” she tells New Idea. Olivia attributes her past lack of love to her low self-confidence. Overweight until she was 22 when she had a gastric sleeve to lose 50kg, Olivia adopted the mentality of ‘taking what she can get’.

mafs carolina
Carolina. (Credit: Nine)

CAROLINA | 33 | Online Business Worker | NSW

Brazilian-born Carolina is a driven, successful business owner who is passionate, direct and filter-free when it comes to relationships.

She’s also a single mum to her 16-year-old son, after falling pregnant at the age of 15 with a high school boyfriend.

Carolina falls hard and quickly, but things often escalate and end in drama, including her last relationship which tanked after she found out he was cheating.

mafs jessica
Jessica. (Credit: Nine)

JESSICA | 27 | Retail Assistant | VIC

Jessica is the daughter of devoted parents from a traditional Maltese background, and it’s their marriage that she hopes to recreate for herself.

After the devastating loss of her sister when she was just 12, Jess is looking for someone protective confident with a soft side.

Through adversity, Jess developed resilience in life, and she likes to stay positive no matter what life throws her way.

mafs kate
Kate. (Credit: Nine)

KATE | 38 | Clinical Nutritionist | VIC

Despite her age, Kate has never been in a relationship, never had a boyfriend – and never had anyone say “I love you”.

In fact, the idea of marriage has only ever felt like an impossible fantasy for Kate, whose dating history has been filled with rejection over romance.

The idea of being in the same loveless, lonely situation for the next ten years terrifies Kate and Married at First Sight is her last-ditch attempt at finding the right person.


Anthony. (Credit: Nine)

ANTHONY | 38 | Sales / Pro Wrestler | VIC

Tall, dark and handsome,  Anthony is the quintessential swoon-worthy man born from romance novels. While Anthony, father to a 9-year-old daughter, gets plenty of female attention, he always finds himself taking things further with the wrong women.

He’s looking for someone who can match his drive and excitement for life, because when he’s not working his nine-to-five sales job, Anthony is in the ring as semi-pro wrestler ‘Tommy Hellfire’. Despite his masculine physique and alter ego, Anthony is a deep thinker with a sensitive side.

Jackson. (Credit: Nine)

JACKSON | 30 | Plumber | VIC

Jackson is a larrikin who describes himself as the class clown. Outgoing and upbeat, Jackson loves to have a laugh and is known for his cringe-worthy his dad jokes. Despite his fun-loving ways, Jackson is a sensitive, kind guy who is a natural protector.

While used to getting attention from the ladies, Jackson is ready for love. A sucker for a girl with nice eyes and smile, Jackson is hoping is bride is smaller than him – which won’t be difficult considering he’s over 6 foot! 

Al. (Credit: Nine)

AL | 25 | Carpenter | NSW

Loveable and cheeky, Al is single and … still lives at home. Never having had a serious girlfriend nor relationship, Al knows it is time to grow up and stand on his own feet.

While he admits he’s hoping Iggy Azalea is waiting for him at the end of the aisle, he’s ready to settle down for true love. His mum supports his decision to get married – not surprisingly, as she still does his cooking, cleaning and washing.

With his chiselled good looks, Al doesn’t have trouble getting female attention – he’s just had no interest until recently to be in a committed relationship.

Mitch. (Credit: Nine)

MITCH | 26 | Financial Planner | QLD

Mitch is a financial planner and part-time model from the Gold Coast. While drawing attention from women is something he’s never struggled with, Mitch hasn’t spent more than two consecutive nights with a girl in his life.

He reveals he is still close with exes, who know all about his quest for love on national television. Tired from the modern online dating experience of trying to meet people, and a string of short unsuccessful relationships behind him, Mitch joins the experiment to help him learn the tools to finally find a committed relationship.

Andrew. (Credit: Nine)

ANDREW | 39 | Motivational Speaker/Personal Trainer | NSW

Andrew is a larger-than-life, straight-talking Texan with a passion for helping others through his motivational speaking. Twice divorced, Andrew moved to Australia four years ago with his second wife. While the relationship didn’t work out, they successfully co-parent their daughter, now 2, who is the love of his life. Despite two failed marriages, Andrew is still hopeful his soulmate is out there and is prepared to walk down the aisle for a third time.

Brent. (Credit: Nine)

BRENT | 33 | Hospitality Manager | NSW

‘This is going to test me.’

Confident, charismatic and social, Brent lived the high life in Dubai for seven years, running a successful events management company. But when the pandemic hit, like many others in the hospitality industry, Brent lost everything.

He’s coming into the MAFS experiment to be “tested”. “I’m hoping it will make me face the real-life challenges I’ve been avoiding in my dating life.”

Cody. (Credit: Nine)

CODY | 30 | Swim Coach / Personal Trainer | NSW

‘I’m ready to back myself.’

A laidback swimming coach from Sydney, Cody loves nothing more than spending an afternoon at the beach with his mates. “I was quite shy in my younger years – I wish I had backed myself the way I do now,” says Cody, who is ready to find his one. Having spent his 20s travelling the world and living an adventurous life, Cody put his love for adventure ahead of everything, including romantic relationships.

Jack. (Credit: Nine)

JACK | 26 | Financial Planner | NSW

‘I’ve never seen MAFS!’

While he’s made the commitment, Jack is coming in blind. “Believe it or not, I’ve never watched a single season of the show,” he tells New Idea. Working in corporate finance, Jack is a hipster at heart and wants a woman who shares his passion for music and adventure. Quite charismatic and often the voice of reason, non-confrontational Jack has a great moral compass and gets on with everyone.

mafs daniel
Daniel. (Credit: Nine)

DANIEL | 30 | Personal Trainer | QLD

Daniel is confident, successful and driven, and sought out fitness as a way to deal with his “chaotic” childhood.

Over the years, he learned how to work hard and to show up even when you don’t feel like it, and is looking for a healthy relationship and a stable family environment.

mafs dion
Dion. (Credit: Nine)

DION | 33 | Property Developer | VIC

Dion is a successful guy who enjoys the finer things in life.

His love of designer clothes, cars, boats and helicopters sees him in an exciting and fast-paced lifestyle that takes him across the country to high-flying corporate and social events.

Despite his life of glamour, Dion is a generous, kind and caring gentleman who wants to share his success with his other half.

matt mafs
Matt. (Credit: Nine)

MATT | 39 | Law Clerk | QLD

While Matt has a great job and bunch of friends, he’s missing that special someone to share life with.

This won’t be his first trip up the aisle either, as Matt was married for seven years, and during that time, he and his ex-wife went through years of heartbreakingly unsuccessful IVF.

They turned to fostering children, but eventually, the stresses took their toll and the marriage ended. Matt has been single ever since.

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