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‘You shouldn’t feel bad’: MAFS’ Ella on why women need to talk about sex

“Men if they talk about it, it's ‘go you, you're a player,’ but if it's women it's ‘oh my God, she's a slut’.”
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Amid all of the walkouts, dinner parties, and rating tasks, there have been countless important conversations on Married At First Sight this year.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Ella asks Mitch the big questions on their wedding day

From Selina asking Cody whether his lack of attraction her to is because she’s Asian, to Anthony showing us why nice guys often do finish last, there’s been no shortage of controversial topics this season.

It’s something Ella Ding, one of the brides this year, has also faced with her own portrayal as the show’s “horny bride” for her unapologetic approach to sex.

In an exclusive chat with New Idea, Ella tells us that despite the show over-emphasising her open attraction to her groom Mitch Eynaud, she believes the stigma around women talking about sex needs to change.

mafs ella ding
Ella has been dubbed as the “horny bride” for her openness about sex. (Credit: Nine)

“Women are so put down or looked down on if they are speaking about sex or their sexuality or their desires because it’s just history of women,” she says.

“Men if they talk about it, it’s ‘go you, you’re a player,’ but if it’s women it’s ‘oh my God, she’s a slut,’ whereas no, it’s clearly not the case.”

During her on-screen wedding, Ella surprised viewers with her bold comments towards Mitch, as she showered him with compliments from the get-go.

Their sexual chemistry was clear even through the screen, and Ella says she’s “all about” being upfront and honest with her feelings.

mafs ella mitch
Ella is married to Mitch on the show, and their chemistry is clear is day. (Credit: Nine)

“What makes it any different if I want to talk about how attractive or gorgeous or how I’m feeling in this current time about who’s standing in front of me. I’m all about that,” she says.

“I have absolutely no shame in telling a man if I’m completely and utterly attracted to him. I have no shame in saying that.”

She adds that while Mitch was “very uncomfortable with receiving compliments”, she has a “why not” approach to giving them out.

“I’m just like that with anyone. It makes people feel good when you give them compliments,” she explains.

ella mitch mafs
“I have absolutely no shame in telling a man if I’m completely and utterly attracted to him.” (Credit: Nine)

After being single for almost a decade prior to joining the show, Ella says she had to put herself out there if she was interested in someone.

“I’ve read so many books about it and that’s what I’ve been doing for literally nine years is just studying how to be a strong woman.

“And to also not be ashamed of who you are, your needs and your desires,” the 27-year-old says. “If no man’s going to make it happen, I need to make it happen.” 

She also hopes that her openness on the show will spark more conversations and shed some of the stigmas around women and sex.

masf ella mitch
Ella wants to help normalise women talking about sex. (Credit: Nine)

Ella also notes that while her portrayal on the show is quite accurate so far, there’s a lot more to her and her relationship than just sex.

“This is me, this is who I am,” she says of her TV portrayal. “Obviously they’ve emphasised on certain things like the horny bride.”

“And it’s not really the case throughout my journey in the experience, which hopefully they’ll show.”

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