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He may be the youngest groom on MAFS, but Al Perkins is ready to settle down

The confident tradie is after a committed relationship.
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At just 25-years-old, Al Perkins is the youngest groom on Married At First Sight’s ninth season, but he’s determined to “grow up” and find his perfect partner.

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While the carpenter from Bondi lacks real relationship experience, he makes up for it with a high level of confidence that’s like no other.

“I think the other grooms will love me, everybody loves me,” Al previously said in a trailer.

“I’m half-Malaysian and half-Australian and I guess that’s why girls love me so much,” he added. “If I had to give myself a rating out of 10, it’d be 11.”

al perkins mafs
“If I had to give myself a rating out of 10, it’d be 11.” (Credit: Instagram)

Describing himself as “someone who loves to party, lives life on the edge”, Al still lives at home with his mum and has never had a serious girlfriend.

While he doesn’t have any trouble getting female attention, he’s just had no interest until recently to be in a committed relationship.

But beneath all that confidence, he is secretly scared of rejection and worried about what could happen when he turns around and sees his bride for the first time at the altar.

al perkins mafs family
Al still lives at home with his mum, and has five sisters. (Credit: Instagram)

In his official MAFS bio, Al is said to have “a kind, big heart”, and is comfortable around women, coming from a family of five sisters.

He’s hoping that his perfect woman and bride to be will ultimately be able to ground him, and maybe also teach him how to cook and clean.

Judging by his Instagram, the young groom will bring a playful and fun presence to the show, and we can’t wait to see what unfolds!

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