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Married At First Sight’s Brent walks out on Tamara during an explosive breakup

The two split in a dramatic fashion at the Final Vows.
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It was a rocky road for Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic during their time on Married At First Sight, and their split was just as, if not more, explosive.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Tamara and Brent clash on their wedding day

From “pretentious” comments to massives blow ups, it’s safe to say their MAFS journey wasn’t the greatest we’ve seen this season.

And while Brent may have pegged his bride as a “psychopath” when they first met, he eventually came around with a more positive take on their relationship.

In an exclusive chat with New Idea, the groom explained how he and Tamara were able to shift their dynamic and save their connection back from the brink.

tamara brent mafs
Tamara came to blows with Brent over career aspirations during their wedding. (Credit: Nine)

“I know it was a bit rocky at first, but I was determined. If she’s going to be like that, I’m going to win,” he laughed, referring to Tamara’s initial stubbornness.

He added that his aim was to win her over with his charm, with the mindset of making sure their time in the experiment was enjoyable for both of them.

“And she really did come along and it was nice to see that and it made things a lot easier for both of us,” he added.

tamara brent mafs
Brent initially labelled Tamara “entitled and spoilt”. (Credit: Nine)

Brent also admitted that from the first day they met, he could “totally” see why the experts paired him with Tamara.

“We can either on one side get along really, really well, and you can see that now, but on the other side we could probably clash heads really well, too,” he said.

“So I mean, a lot of this and a lot of the experiment is based on people growing and growth and it’s really going to put us to the test.”

“It also makes it exciting at the same time too. I don’t like anything that’s easy. So a challenge is always accepted by me,” he laughed.

mafs brent tamara
They haven’t had the easiest time in the experiment. (Credit: Nine)

Although, their relationship came to an explosive end during their Final Vows, where the pair held nothing back when it came to having their final say.

As for their current status, in a sign that things have really soured between them, Brent appeared alone on Hit NSW Breakfast with Maz & Lakey and explained why his bride was a no-show.

“Everyone’s feedback online is really starting to rock her a little bit, but I guess it’s part of being held accountable for the certain things you do and say,” he told the radio hosts.

Tamara then spoke to Hit Hobart’s Jimmy and Nath alone, and when asked if she regretted signing up for MAFS, she said: “In short, yeah, probably.”

mafs brent tamara
These two went their separate ways after Final Vows. (Credit: Nine)

Their split comes as no surprise as both Brent and Tamara were spotted arriving separately at the season’s reunion in a leaked clip.

There were also those photos of Tamara and Mitch out together in Queensland that suggested they might have struck up a connection after the show.

When Brent was questioned about the whole situation in a video filmed by The Wash, he wished “good luck” to Tamara and Mitch.

The bride later clarified that she and Mitch live close by on the Gold Coast and even work in the same building, and insisted they’re just friends.

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