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MAFS fans slam Jack’s response to ‘whale’ comment about Tristan

"I am disgusted."
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If there is one Married At First Sight contestant who has solidified themselves as the ‘villain’ of this MAFS season, it’s personal trainer Jack Dunkley.

WATCH: Jack’s offensive “muzzle your woman” comment on MAFS

The 34-year-old managed to come out of the ‘secret girlfriend’ allegations relatively unscathed, and his bride Tori Adams, 27, even excused his controversial “muzzle your woman” comment.

Now, the outspoken ‘alpha’ has found himself in more murky water. During the couples retreat, Jack seemingly comparing fellow grooms Tristan Black and Timothy Smith to whales while they were near the pool.

While the comment itself was bad enough, it was Jack’s “apology” to Tristan that has fans up in arms, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts.

During Wednesday night’s dinner party, Jack took Tristan and Timothy aside to address his ‘whale’ remark. 

“I made a stupid comment at the pool; It was a joke,” the personal trainer told the two men.

“I’m gonna learn from this, ’cause you never know who is around,” he continued, before deflecting to Timothy, who informed the contestants of Jack’s comment.

“Timothy’s brought it back up that night and it’s triggered you,” Jack told Tristan.

Jack took Tristan and Timothy aside to address the ‘whale’ comment. (Credit: Nine)

When Tristan tried to get a word in, Jack interrupted. “Let me speak, my friend,” he said, before referencing his career as a personal trainer.

“My job is to help people… with body image issues, self-esteem issues; I’ve done it for 10 years. I’ve made a career out of it… it makes me wholesome and who I am,” Jack told Tristan and Timothy.

He then handed Tristan a gift card to a supplement store close to their MAFS accommodation, along with a keychain engraved with the words “you are enough”.

“It’s what a man does,” Jack declared.

While Tristan was overjoyed with the presents, accepting Jack’s apology with a hug, others weren’t as convinced. 

Tristan was satisfied with the apology… others, not so much. (Credit: Nine)

“I’m not buying it,” said Timothy, who has become something of a father figure to Tristan.

When the three men returned to the dinner party, Lauren Dunn was quick to poke holes in Jack’s apology.

“How did it go from ‘it’s just banter’ to a sincere deep apology?” the bride asked. 

Jack countered that he never would have said it around Timothy, which the experts deemed a “calculated” move. 

Lauren and Jack have previously gone head to head at a dinner party, an argument which ended with the latter asking Lauren’s groom Jonathan McCullough to “muzzle your woman”

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