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Casting has begun for MAFS 2025: Here’s how to apply

There are more requirements than we thought.
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Applications for Married At First Sight Australia are now open, and we have all the details.

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Channel Nine is officially recruiting a brand new batch of brides and grooms to head down the aisle.

Married At First Sight is searching for men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are genuinely committed to finding love,” read a statement from the network.

Do you want to join the new season of MAFS? (Credit: Nine)

“This ground breaking social experiment uses science and psychology to help Australian singles meet their perfect partner,” it continued.

“But there’s a catch… you won’t get to meet your future husband or wife until your wedding day!”

Nine emphasised that there is “no cash prize” to be won. “Instead, you could walk away with the most valuable prize of all… true love.
“If you are genuine about finding love and can commit up to 4 months of your life to the experiment (between late July – November 2024), then apply now!”

Could there be a new task introduced in the 2025 season? (Credit: Instagram)

MAFS is always trying to evolve alongside dating trends… relationship expert Alessandra Rampolla has recently suggested a potential change for next year. 

The clinical sexologist spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her hopes to see a new task intended to push couples to discuss the topic of finances. 

“We talk about intimacy in the experiment a lot and I always talk about how intimacy week especially is not only about sexuality, it’s about building trust,” she said. 

“I think the first thing is that you need to start bringing up the conversations in terms of, what has been your experience with finances? Have you had difficulty? What kind of aspirations do you have? Are you the kind of person that thinks about building wealth or do you just want to get by to the next pay cheque? People have very different attitudes with all of these topics.”

You would have to commit four months of your life to the experiment. (Credit: Nine)

When the network put the call out for applicants on their Instagram, viewers had mixed reactions.

“What’s the point in applying when you just hire actors 😂,” one follower commented.

“Can some better males apply this time? So many duds this season,” penned another.

Others, however, expressed their interest to sign up. But, just how does this process work? Here’s what we know.

Here’s what we know about the MAFS application process. (Credit: Nine)

How to apply for MAFS Australia?

Before you can apply for MAFS, there are a few requirements to meet.

You must be an Australian citizen, 25 years and older, and “single and genuinely looking for love” – clearly the latter requirement is more of a suggestion.

Then comes the long form which stems from basic questions to more personal questions about your love life – why you’re looking for love, your relationship with your parents, what you’re looking for a partner.

If Nine likes what they see, a producer will reach out to set up an interview. At least, that’s what happened for TikToker named Julia. 

“There were a lot of interviews, all of them were with different producers, and all of them were recorded, except for one with a publicist,” Julia explained in a since deleted TikTok.

If you’re up for a heated dinner party, sign up now. (Credit: Nine)

She also had to complete a full police check, citizenship test and a physical and mental medical exam.

“One thing that shocked me, but probably shouldn’t have shocked me, was that I was required to do every single STI check, including blood,” Julia said.

The process went on for seven months, but Julia ended up finding love before filming, so didn’t follow through with the experiment.

So, there you have it, all you need to apply for MAFS. Though, before you fill in the form, we recommend you have an ability to put up with a dinner party screaming match.

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