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Farmer David and Emily are engaged!

"Incredibly proud to announce, this Farmer has found his Wife."
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Farmer Wants A Wife has an extremely successful track record of finding Aussie farmers love and this year’s season has definitely upheld that.

All five of the 2023 Farmers – Andrew, Matt, Brenton, Brad and David – found love.

David found it with Emily, a 26-year-old special education aide from Queensland.

And now, drum roll please… they’re engaged!

With Emily teasing a glimpse of the ring on her Instagram reel of the couple with the caption, “My person for life x Love you 💍❤️

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During the final decision, David told Emily, “You are the most genuine person I know… I’ve completely fallen in love with you and can’t wait to see where this future goes.”

The future is here, with David officially confirming the engagement announcement on his Insta on 2 October 2023. Looking happily in love leaning on each other’s shoulders with the caption, “Incredibly proud to announce, this Farmer has found his Wife.”

And don’t think we forget the shining engagement ring on Emily’s hand! 

Not only did their parents congratulate them, commenting: “Congratulations, we hope you continue to have a fun and exciting life together, Love Mum & Dad.”

But a fellow Farmer Wants A Wife star also celebrated the pair, with Matt who is still together with partner Olivia, remarking: “Big congratulations from us! Lots of love, Matt and Liv ❤️”

emily david
“Couldn’t be happier!” (Credit: Seven)

Since filming wrapped, Emily moved to David’s farm and is working full-time at a local primary school (but not the one featured in an early FWAW episode). Despite moving from Brisbane, she told 7Life that the adjustment to farm life wasn’t hard.

“I was really fortunate that things kind of moved quickly, so nothing’s been really that hard… Everything has just gone really well,” Emily said.

David also said that things are going well and told our sister site TV Week about his experience of Emily moving in.

“The home is feeling much more homely,” he said. “There’s that period at night where it used to be just dead silence, and now we’re cooking and playing music.”

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“It’s everything I wished for when I went into the experience, and it’s incredible.”

“We’re enjoying this stage of our relationship,” David said.

And now they’re at the next stage of their relationship as they plan the wedding.

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“All smiles.” (Credit: Instagram)

On June 23, the couple celebrated their 6 month anniversary with an Instagram video praising the show for their success and inviting others to sign up for the journey.

“Em has done an amazing job of making the transition out to the farm and every day just gets better and better,” David wrote on his post.

“For all those farmers out there who think they are up for it, I highly recommend joining the Farmer Wants a Wife family. You will be looked after from day 1 and although daunting the outcomes are better than you could imagine.”

“1, 2, 3 smile 😃” (Credit: Instagram)

The pair have recently been holidaying with each other and making the most of their time together.

Recently travelling to Lowe Family Wine Co in Mudgee NSW to celebrate their engagement.

Our question is, who popped the question?!

“Robbie’s Thredbo tour.” (Credit: Instagram)

Now that Farmer David and Emily are getting ready to be married, the question on fans’ minds is… will there be a baby soon?

David sure looks ready to be a dad with baby Robbie!

In the meantime, Dave and Em can practice parenting with their many, many dogs. 

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