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The winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2021 revealed!

They've come out on top despite the pressure!
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This season of Celebrity Apprentice Australia has seen plenty of drama and intensity go down as celebs fought for the chance to win and raise money for their chosen charity.

WATCH BELOW: The Veronicas clash on Celebrity Apprentice

And taking home the crown this year is Shaynna Blaze, who has successfully raised $426,000 for her charity, Voice For Change.

The amount was also a record-breaking one for the show.

“That’s a good kickstart for a charity,” Lord Alan Sugar admitted.

In the lead up to the finale, there were fiery fights, tears of frustration (and sometimes joy), and even some pretty wild challenges that had everyone out of their comfort zone.

Among the 14 candidates were former Married At First Sight bride Martha Kalifatidis, The Block judge Shaynna Blaze, former AFL star Josh Gibson, and comedian Ross Noble as well as fitness expert Michelle Bridges, fashion designer Camilla Franks, model David Genat, and pop duo The Veronicas.

celebrity apprentice 2021
It’s been a tough season for these celebs who all wanted to win. (Credit: Nine)

Getting to the end certainly wasn’t easy, with many of the stars turning on each other to avoid the scrutiny of Lord Alan Sugar.

Kicking things off was Camilla when she put Ross in the hot seat to be fired, after she accused him of “dismissing” her and “negating” her leadership.

Things got heated between the two, where Ross said she was “completely self-obsessed”, and Camilla was left in tears after the whole ordeal.

celebrity apprentice 2021
The boardroom has seen plenty of drama go down. (Credit: Nine)

Michelle was also thrown under the bus in the boardroom, where David seemingly blindsided her after telling her one thing in private, but then something completely different in front of Lord Alan Sugar.

The Veronicas also felt the pressures of the show, and clashed multiple times on camera, later saying that it was “highly edited out of ‘context’ to amplify drama and narrative”.

Despite all the drama, many of the celebs seem to have buried the hatchet, and have even spent some quality time catching up outside of the show.

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