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Celebrity Apprentice’s Ross Noble slams ‘self-obsessed’ Camilla Franks

Battle in the boardroom!
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Things are already heating up in Celebrity Apprentice 2021, with fashion designer Camilla Franks butting heads with English comedian Ross Noble for an intense showdown.

WATCH BELOW: Camilla Franks and Ross Noble go head to head in heated argument

In Monday night’s episode, a fiery clash between Camilla and Ross erupted in the boardroom, after the two failed to see eye to eye.

It all kicked off when Camilla put Ross in the hot seat to be fired, after she accused him of “dismissing” her and “negating” her leadership.

“Ross is here because I just felt there was something a bit off, I felt like my leadership negated, I felt a little dismissed and it rattled me,” she said.

celebrity apprentice ross camilla
Camilla and Ross can’t seem to see eye to eye. (Credit: Nine)

Ross then hit back at Camilla, saying her reasoning for placing him in the firing line was “personal”.

“I’m not a fan of confrontation but what you’ve done is you’ve made it personal,” he said.

The pair went back and forth, with Camilla denying she’d made it personal, and said to Ross: “You clearly like confrontation.”

celebrity apprentice 2021 camilla frank ross noble fight
“Calling someone self-obsessed is a massive attack.” (Credit: Nine)

Things took a turn after Ross said Camilla lived in her own “little bubble” and that she has a “one-track mind”, and she doesn’t listen to anyone else.

“You are completely self-obsessed!” he declared.

Camilla, clearly taken aback by what he said, rebutted with: “Calling someone self-obsessed is a massive attack.”

Tensions were at an all time high in the boardroom, with the two engaging in a heated argument that led to Camilla interrupting Ross when he said he’d like to get to the bottom of it.

“I’m not going to put myself in that position again because you’ve already just gone on the attack and it doesn’t feel so great,” Camilla said. “We’re done.”

celebrity apprentice 2021 camilla ross fight
Can they put it past them and work together? (Credit: Nine)

The matter went unresolved, with a teaser for the next episode showing the two involved in yet another confrontation as they leave the boardroom.

“Ross leave me – you just clearly don’t even know who I am,” Camilla said with tears running down her face.

“You got personal I didn’t get personal,” she explained, to which Ross hit back with: “No, no, you did.”

Although both avoided being fired by Lord Alan Sugar (that honour went to comedian Rob Shehadie), the drama will continue to play out in Tuesday night’s episode, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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