Celebrity Apprentice’s Camilla Franks takes a dig at ‘snake’ David Genat

Friends or foe?
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It’s getting heated in the boardroom as the celebs fight to keep their seat in Celebrity Apprentice Australia, with many resorting to sneaky tactics to stay in the game.

WATCH BELOW: Celebrity Apprentice 2021: David Genat turns on Michelle Bridges

In particular, David Genat has been using his Survivor tricks to avoid getting fired in the show, and he’s not afraid to throw his teammates under the bus to save himself.

A prime is example was shown in Tuesday night’s episode, where Michelle Bridges was sent home – despite arguing that it should have been David instead.

Camilla Franks also echoed that in a new post to social media, where she took a cheeky swipe at her co-star.

celebrity apprentice 2021
David has been up to his old Survivor tricks. (Credit: Nine)

Taking to Instagram after the episode aired, Camilla wrote out a lengthy message to her followers and shared her take on what went down.

“Tensions were high in the name of charity, with the adage of trash and treasure truly tested on this one,” she penned.

She went on to write that while her team’s win was something to be excited about, it was also “bittersweet” to see Michelle fired.

@mishbridges you’ve become a dear friend and I respect your business acumen greatly,” she wrote, and couldn’t help but follow with:

@davidgenat the snake you suck!”

michelle bridges camilla franks david genat
It’s all water under the bridge for these three. (Credit: Getty)

The trio seem to be on good terms after filming the show, and were even spotted together at the Rebecca Vallance show during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2021.

But, it took a minute for Michelle to get over David’s betrayal, where she recently told WHO that his antics even had her five-year-old son Axel up in arms.

“He’s like ‘Mummy I don’t think I like that David guy! He’s mean to you Mummy!’” she said.

“We filmed last year and since the show’s been on-air, Axel’s had a conversation with David and they’ve come full circle, they’re now friends. David goes to me ‘Your boy is so cute, he’s got your back Mish’. I said ‘You bet he has babe!’”

michelle bridges david genat
“I love him but he’s playing and he’s very strategic.” (Credit: Getty)

Michelle also added there are no hard feelings between her and her co-star, despite his tactics against her on the show. 

“He’s definitely playing that guy. I love him but he’s playing and he’s very strategic,” she said.

“Everyone’s like ‘Didn’t you watch Survivor? He’s very strategic!’ But it’s always in good fun – we’re all very serious about it because we all want to win for our charity.”

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