‘Use common sense’: Celebrity Apprentice stars slam the show’s editing

"It’s a game show entertainment."
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Pop-duo The Veronicas, who are starring in the 2021 season of Celebrity Apprentice, have both condemned the editing of the show, after an on-screen spat between the sisters aired in the first episode.

WATCH BELOW: The Veronicas butt heads on Celebrity Apprentice

Taking to their shared Instagram account, Jess and Lisa Origliasso posted two separate messages about how things are portrayed on the show.

“We can’t believe we might actually need to preface this, but reality TV is highly edited out of ‘context’ to amplify drama and narrative that suits the agenda,” they wrote.

“Please use common sense and understand this is obviously not a transparent show – it’s a game show entertainment.”

celebrity apprentice the veronicas argue
The Veronicas had a tense argument during filming. (Credit: Nine)

They added that the only “business” in the show is the business of “entertainment and drama”.

“And because of that, a charity made 180k last night, which is the whole point here,” they said.

“Don’t get confused about what this is. And we will continue to bring you the laughs and relatability. Love you all,” the post concluded.

It comes after the first episode aired on Sunday night, where the twin sisters were involved in a tense moment on camera, when one accused the other of being a “bit much”.

celebrity apprentice 2021
“Please use common sense and understand this is obviously not a transparent show.” (Credit: Nine)

In another post to social media, Jess and Lisa also reminded fans that not everything is as it seems on the television, as they claimed a certain scene was cut out of Monday night’s episode.

In the episode, the celebs were placed in teams where they had to create their very own bus tour, and Team Momentum, helmed by David Genat, were set to take their guests to a Welcome to Country address by an Aboriginal elder.

But after failing to locate the meeting point for the Welcome to Country, the team, which consisted of The Veronicas, Shaynna Blaze, Martha Kalifatidis, Olivia Vivian, and David Genat, were forced to abandon their Welcome to Country altogether.

celebrity apprentice 2021
The pop-duo also accused the show of cutting out an entire event from an episode. (Credit: Nine)

However, The Veronicas are now saying that something entirely different took place, and that the Welcome to Country did happen.

“Regarding tonight’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, we personally wish to thank and acknowledge Yvonne Weldon … for giving her time and presence to conduct a Welcome to Country, but was falsely portrayed in tonight’s episode as though this event did not take place,” the post read.

With the season having just kicked off this week, there is no doubt that more drama will continue to unfold, both on-screen and off.

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